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Beauty Products #Blogtober14

Happy Friday! I'm back from Newport Beach, and was back at work today in Austin. It's hard to leave California, and worse to have a vacation come to an end, but that's life.

We're talking about something right up my alley for #Blogtober14 today:
Thanks Helene for the killer graphic!
Hair and makeup are my jam. Makeup is not only my job, but my passion. It wasn't always that way. Hair was my calling. I knew how to do intricate styles without being taught. I look at a style or photo, study it a minute, and then recreate it with my own flair. Makeup? Oh, no. Makeup was scary. Expensive. Unknown to me. Once I started working weddings regularly, it became quite clear I would need to up my game, face some fears and take classes to get familiar with makeup. Having the desire to learn something that did not come naturally to me made the difficult task worthwhile. Many years later, I think I like makeup more than hair now because it significantly changes a person's appearance. 

So what is my one beauty product I can't live without? Well, aside from mascara, which seems like it's a staple, not so much a product, I would say lipstick. Give me any shade of pink, a bold red, shimmery mauves, plums when I'm feeling dark. I love lipstick. My pale lips make me look like death warmed over, so I need lipstick to not look scary. My favorites are all drugstore brands. Since I wear lipstick so often, and rotate through so many, I've never wanted to spend too much money on it. Recently I've been all over these Maybelline color sensation creamy mattes. I've got 3 shades! Daringly Nude, Touch of Spice, and Faint for Fuchsia make appearances often. 
And on every makeup application I do? Lipstick seals the deal. It makes the whole look come together.

Helene in Between Blogtober


Edit me pretty #blogtober14

Well, hey there! I'm posting from John Wayne airport in Orange County, waiting on my flight home to Austin. I've got tasty pumpkin bread and a cool lime refresher in hand, so I'll be good to go. The Starbucks barista even spelled my name right!

Today's #blogtober14 prompt is your favorite editing apps for instagram and the blog. Well, this should be fun from my phone ;)

1. Instagram! I will often sort through every filter on instagram till I find one I like. My go-to filters are valencia, x-pro, lo-fi and Nashville. All for different kinds of pics, mind you. You can follow me on instagram under @revelrybeauty or when I'm following Tone It Up plans, I have a special account for posts under @tiu_adrian
Here's the same photo straight from my phone, and using the Nashville filter.
2. Photogrid. I use this when I want to make a collage. They have decent fonts, too, so I can add text to photos or collages. If I want really pretty pre-picked words or fonts, I'll use A Beautiful Mess, but I hate the collage options available for large amounts of photos, so photogrid is my go-to.
3. Picasa. This is what I use for every photo I upload from my camera. I use the "I'm feeling lucky" or auto contrast and color buttons to adjust the light and color. Then I'll use the retouch button to remove blemishes and under eye circles. True Story, that ish gets removed from any photo I post from my computer! #dontjudgeme
I boosted the saturation and color in the mermaid photo below. This was a shoot my friend Caroline agreed to do several years ago. I made that mermaid tail, and pretty much all that hair is clip in extensions! Oh photo shoot magic is a wonderful thing.
4. Picmonkey. This is my favorite for extra photo editing options on the computer. I love the eye whitening option to whiten teeth! Also love the options for adding pretty fonts and to make photos fancy. I've considered buying into the royal upgrade, but never pulled the trigger. The tasty Tuesday graphic I made for Cassie of Mason Jars and Peanut Butter was made with picmonkey.
I'm pretty lame when it comes to getting creative with photo editing, but using basic options is always an option.


Pet peeves #blogtober14

Today I am writing this blog post from the Balboa pier in Newport Beach. Listening to the waves crash against the sand, and having the Pacific Ocean as my inspiration, it's rather hard to think of the #blogtober14 prompt of pet peeves.
So here are a few pet peeves that are vacation related. 
* ferry rides that cost money even for bicyclists
*helmet hair after just styling
*the high cost of rent and real estate near the ocean
*people that stare and make you feel judged for taking a selfie. Hey buddy, don't you see me being a tourist all by myself? Selfies are my only option.
*bad angles in selfies that require many revisions till you get a good one. Don't even act like that's not a real struggle for erryone!
*not getting to explore Newport with Billy because he's stuck in a work seminar all damn day and well into the evening.
*coffee that causes a need for an  immediate bathroom stop or  dire consequences. My poor body is not used to caffeine or coffee and told me so in a very persistent way.
*expensive tourist swag and restaurants that serve mediocre food at high prices

What are your pet peeves?


Dream vacation #blogtober14 day 21

I'm not the greatest traveler. I always feel like I'm rushed, yet procrastinate like crazy. I'm terrified of leaving things behind, even though I'm trying to adopt the motto that whatever you forget you can buy wherever you are going.  In my haste to leave the house for the airport yesterday, I totally forgot a bunch of stuff, my laptop included. I would absolutely love a new laptop, but can't justify buying a new one for a 3 day trip. So here I am, hunting and pecking away at this post on my phone. God bless smart phones. 

Not having my laptop means writing these #blogtober14 posts is pretty difficult. I can't exactly open multiple windows, copy and paste pictures easily, and link back where I need to. I may have to revise these few days of posts when I return home from Newport Beach and have my sad, dying laptop in hand to really do the topics justice. I'm going to try to write them anyway. 

My dream vacation has taken shape a little more after my recent trip to Mexico. Lying around on a beach for a week in paradise was incredible. I would definitely want to have a dream vacation incorporate a lot of beach time. 

However, I couldn't let that be the entirety of my dream vacation because I'm way too ADD to sit around for very long. I need action, a little adventure, and a lot of new experiences. In Mexico I was happy and content to take up snorkeling and ocean swimming, and then try scuba diving, which was incredible. On a dream vacation, I would experience a lot of new stuff, see stuff, and do stuff. Vague? Sure. 

I think my current dream vacation is a tour of Europe, hitting all of the historical sites, basking on the gorgeous beaches of the Almalfi Coast, the French Riviera, Croatia, and Spain. 

I'd drive around the UK, to see the gorgeous scenery and castles, the history of a few islands in a cold sea. I'd definitely do a Harry Potter tour of London. 

I would spend time in Paris, sipping espresso in caf├ęs (I'd take up coffee for Paris), picnicking in front of the Eiffel tower, pretending to be a chic Audrey Hepburn type. 

I would take Billy up on a Ferrari tour of Italy, driving a super car through the country, top to bottom while seeing (and eating) our way through the beautiful country. 

It would be insane, a long time away, and the experience of a lifetime. I can't wait to start ticking pieces of this vacation off my bucket list. Because I will never have the time, or the money,  to have this vacation all at once. 

Helene in Between Blogtober

An INFJ thing

Every once in awhile, I'll take a personality test just to see what I get and if it's in any way close to how I perceive myself. Since I have a terrible memory, I rarely remember what I've scored in the past.

Today, I took a quick one based off the Myers Briggs test, although less scientific and lengthy than the original, but similar enough. It seemed incredibly accurate, so I thought I'd share!


Plato, Mahtma Gandhi, Simone de Beauvoir, Cate Blanchett, Al Pacino, Adrien Brody, David Schwimmer, Sufjan Stevens, George Harrison, Michel Pfeiffer, Carey Mulligan





INFJs are kind, mindful, complex and highly intuitive people. This is the most rare personality type of all, only 1 percent of the population has it.

They like to organize their outer world in categories and priorities they never stop redefining. However, they have a great intuition and deal with their inner life very spontaneously. They perceive and understand things very intuitively and are very rarely wrong about their intuitions. This dichotomy between their inner and outer life may result in INFJs being less organized than other Judging types.

Because of their great instincts, INFJs understand people and situations very easily. They often feel when something has happened to some of their friends of family members even if they cannot really explain to themselves how they perceived it. Those strong intuitive capabilities may lead them sometimes to stubbornness and ignoring other people's opinions since they trust their instincts above everything else. This attitude should not be perceived as arrogance as INFJs are perfectionists and think they should always improve themselves and the world around.

INFJs set up a strong value system for themselves and always care about living in accordance with their values and ideals. They are warm and easy going as long as they do not have to compromise their values.

Warm and caring, they hate conflicts and will avoid hurting people. They will generally internalize their anger which can be a source of stress and health problems for them.

In the work place, most INFJs show up in creative and independent positions. They are good at art and sciences where they can use their intuition at best. They are generally bad at dealing with details and prefer working on the big picture.

INFJs are natural nurturers, protective and devoted. They make loving parents and build strong bonds with their children


Fears #Blogtober14 day 20

Hola peeps. It's another Monday, which means the beginning of another work week, whomp whomp. However, I am off work for the next few days and headed to Southern California with Mr. B. He has an optical managers training/seminar in Newport Beach, and invited me to come along. I'm very much looking forward to a few days away without an agenda.

Today's #Blogtober14 prompt is your biggest fears.

Getting deep with this one.

When I was a little kid, I had a recurring nightmare about a swarm of rats killing my family by eating us alive. ever since, I've had a huge fear of rats.

When I hit about middle school, I developed a new fear: I didn't want to die and have everyone forget about me. So I developed a goal to become famous for something positive. In my 13 year old brain, that would inevitably be acting, because even then I still wanted to be a movie star or something.

When I met Billy, everything else suddenly paled in comparison. Here was the man I would marry, my best friend, the guy I couldn't see living without. Now my fear is losing him. I could face any of life's obstacles with him by my side. I know he would protect me from as much of life as he can, and would do anything to make sure my fears were never realized. However, there are so many unknowns that could come into play that would remove the one thing I need the most. A car accident. A heart attack. A disgruntled customer with a vengeful spirit. All of these things, and more, are capable of at any time removing my happiness, causing me the most pain I could imagine, and changing my entire life in a split second. I try not to think of living a life without Billy in it, but occasionally those fears creep into my mind and lay waste to the rainbows and butterflies.

What are your fears?

Helene in Between Blogtober


Happy #Blogtober14 day 19

Happy Sunday! Hope it's a fun day for ya. I am out on an early morning photo shoot, working some red and metallic silver magic with my best Austin photog buddy Josh. Then I'll be off to work for the day. So yes, it's fun, but it's also a work day for me.

Today's #Blogtober14 prompt is what makes you happy.

One word. Five letters. Billy.
He's everything.

He knows how to make me smile without even trying. He makes me laugh, all of the time.
He sings silly made up songs set to popular music that get stuck in my head but I can't help but giggle when I hear them.

He is the first person I go to when I need help with something, and even if it's not his expertise, or even familiar to him, he will figure out how to help me.
He listens patiently, with full attention, as I tell him about troubles, excitements, my day, or funny stories.

He knows more about hair and makeup than most guys, because he listens dutifully to everything I say to him.
He believes in me, so much.

He is my biggest cheerleader, and is so supportive of everything I do.
He  is constantly referring my services to people he meets, and speaks incredibly highly of my work.

You couldn't ask for a more supportive spouse, and more importantly, a best friend.

Billy makes me happy.
Helene in Between Blogtober


Secrets #Blogtober14 day 18

Happy Saturday! I have already been up since 7, drove an hour down to Dripping Springs for a weddings, made some ladies look beautiful, driven back, and set up for a bridal trial I have this afternoon at my home. Saturdays are always busy!

Today's #Blogtober14 prompt is a secret about yourself. Um, if I have any deep, dark, ugly secrets, I generally wouldn't want to put them online for everyone to see haha Maybe I'll try to qualify something you may already know because I have mentioned it in passing. If you know me really well, you have probably seen this first hand.

I am a clumsy, klutzy, accident-prone person. From walking into doorknobs and walls even when I see them, to full-on breaking bones, I have done it. Let's start with broken things. Both arms, at different time of course, a toe, and two fingers have all been broken. I've badly sprained my right ankle twice, a year apart, on the same trail while running. I have mystery bruises and scratches that I can't begin to imagine where or when I got them. I manage to shut my leg in the car door a few times a year. I have crashed or fallen off my bikes at least three times resulting in broken bones or losing skin which creates some ugly scars. I think I have it out for myself.

Billy says my theme song should be Pink's"Don't let me get me". You know, because of that line that says "I'm hazard to myself"? Yeah. He starts singing it every time I do something klutzy or come home with a new injury.


I'm an expert #Blogtober14 day 17

What up, blog peeps? It's day 17 of this here #Blogtober14. I honestly can't believe I've made it through this far. I mean, I missed one day but made it up the next, so I'm counting it.

What am I an expert in? Can anyone truly be an expert at anything? I think that life is all about learning, and you should always look for ways to grow in whatever way you can. Sometimes though, that can feel tough when you have reached the top of a field. But to paraphrase Cypress Hill with their song (Rap) Superstar, there's always gonna be someone coming up, knowing more than you, doing things better than you, so you gotta keep on your game.

You didn't know I was a secret hip hop artist, did you?

So my expertise...I gotta go with hair and makeup. It's something I've been working on since I was little. It's something I constantly strive to do better with, to test my limits, to try new things. Photo shoots, weddings, short films, fashion shows...You name it, I'll do it. So I guess this is about as close  to expert as I can get. But know I am still learning. There is always something new to gain from every experience. I learn new techniques, new tricks, trends, products...It's a learning experience every time. And I will never stop gathering that education and sticking it away in my Batman tool belt of tricks of the trade, right next to my makeup brushes.


Fall Fashion #Blogtober14 day 16

Today's #Blogtober14 prompt is Fall fashion.

So...I'm not a fashion blogger, and I definitely would not exactly call myself fashionable. But I can pin fashion like a pro, so I am sharing some I have found lately on Pinterest that strike my fancy.

I am particularly fond of classic and ladylike pieces, scarves, full skirts, boots, and neutrals. I think that's a pretty safe way to approach fashion! What about you, do you have any fall fashion faves?
Helene in Between Blogtober

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