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Bob Harper kicked my bum

Hello darlings!

I have started off the first week of the new year in quite an active way! Typically every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I meet up with my running buddy Nicole for a run. We choose one of the running trails that criss-cross San Jose, pick a distance, then just go for it. The creek trails in our area are gorgeous, and usually run alongside percolation ponds or lakes that feed the creeks, which makes for absolutely gorgeous scenery to keep us pounding out the miles. Monday we did a little over 4 miles along one of the trails, and then I decided to punish myself further when I got home. I woke Billy, my hubby, up from his Nyquil and Melatonin cocktail induced slumber to do a Bob Harper (one of the Biggest Loser trainers) "Pure Burn, Super Strength Inside Out Method" DVD. I chose the hour long workout because we have already tried the 20 minute intro and I wanted more. Boy did I bite off more than I could chew! Bob kicked my bum! I haven't worked that hard with a DVD ever, not even with Denise Austen's fat blasting yoga, or Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. The soreness I am experiencing today is both delicious and  terrible. Today I hit up my favorite 24 Hour Fitness for a spin class with my friend Lexie. I thought the class would take away some of the built up lactic acid that was causing my soreness, but it sort of just added to it, so now I feel all of the muscles that were used yesterday, and more!

Doesn't Bob look so evil in that DVD cover?? Now imagine him saying "breaks? you can have a break at the end of this workout!" and "Don't you stop, I don't want to EVER see you stop. If you stop, I will break your arm!" He really does say this, mainly to the the other people on the DVD, but also to the viewer. Scary, that man is!

Recently, Nicole and I have added a very steep and hilly trail near a reservoir, that is exactly 4 miles start to finish, but the first 2 or so miles are incredibly challenging with 3 consecutive hills that range from a quick straight up path on gravel, to a long sloping climb, to the final hill which is death. It feels like you can walk faster than you can run, which is what we typically do, and is very steep. Once you get to the top of that last hill, the view makes it all worth it as you struggle to catch your breath. It overlooks the Silicon Valley one direction, and into the mountains the other. So. beautiful. It really makes me feel so blessed to live where I do and have so many options for my runs, and of course the great weather that allows for outdoor activities throughout the entire year.

Do you have any favorite workouts, DVDs, or trails? I would love to continue to add more workouts to my repertoire. Soon I will have to add more cycling workouts and *sigh* swims. The first triathlon I have picked out is in June, at Almaden Lake park, which is one of the trails I already run at. Oh, training for and competing in a triathlon is one of my goals for 2011, in case you weren't following my other blog.


  1. I am so impressed with how much you run! I tried running the other day just around the complex we live in and I almost died. Literally, I think :) I love Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD! I think it's just the right amount of challenge for me. Have you tried any yoga DVD's? I do classes and the DVD's are always easier. They're also good for a post workout cooldown or a pre workout warm up to help loosen up your muscles.

  2. Awesome! That sounds like such a great workout! I might have to try it out! And training and completing a tri is one of my goals this year too! What distance are you aiming for?

  3. Thanks ladies! Adrienne, I have used several yoga DVDs as well as taken classes, and I like it too, just rarely get to do it :)

    Christy, I am going to do a sprint distance triathlon in June. I have no intentions of doing anything longer yet, I like my 5k run distances, and I can't imagine trying to swim more than half a mile! Next year I may change my tune :)

  4. Hey Adrian,
    I love reading about your workouts! So was it the dam run you were talking about or the Jones trail? My mom used to live right by that trail when I was in high school and we did it all the time. My friends and I always said we were running towards the giant advil (those big balls on the power lines)- haha.
    It is nice to hear you say you are blessed for where you live and what you have close by. I know I didn't appreciate it when I lived there. I always had it and totally took it for granted. I miss those trails so much! Great job with your workouts :)

  5. Serious props to you! I want this DVD now!! Also i'm your newest follower, love it!
    stay well,


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