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hair through the years

As a hairstylist, I have had many opportunities to change up my hair. I have never gotten too crazy or different because that's just not my personality, but I have had some memorable looks, both good and bad!

I started highlighting my dark blonde hair my senior year of high school and it changed my life! I usually had a nondescript cut and kept it medium length. I snapped this with a crappy old camera phone in 2005. Hello, 20 year old Adrian!

I grew out my hair for my wedding, and it got sort of longish, like past my shoulders. Nothing to write home about, but it worked for me. I also had nice highlights. My current hair is very similar!

After my wedding in 2007 I decided I needed to "cut it all off". Why?! I have been growing it out every since.

Rock star hair, platinum blonde and short! I did this after growing quite bored with my super short hair, and I needed a drastic change,  boy did I get it! {Billy called this the "glow in the dark" color, because it literally did!} 
After the bright blonde, I went dramatically darker and cut it in a bob, hoping it would help me grow out my hair...Hated it! 
Rubia por vida!

When I realized it would take awhile to grow out my chemically damaged, over processed hair, I turned to some extensions for a salon grand opening party in 2008.

Honey blonde seems to be my favorite, and whether it's achieved through highlights or an all over color, I keep coming back to it. A 3 year old took this picture of me last summer at a BBQ.

My natural texture is on the wavy side, and with some good curly products, I can get some pretty nice curls going. Sometimes it just frizzes though, sigh. Snapped while playing dress up last summer/fall.

I wear my hair in braids and buns pretty often, this is one of my favorites for when my hair is super dirty, but I have no desire to wash and style it.

I also adore side ponytails with my clip-in extensions giving me my desired length.

How do you wear your hair? Have you made any dramatic changes to your hair in the last 5 years? I would love to see your pictures!


  1. Love the pic that the 3 y/o photographer took! Kudos! They got mad skills! ;) Your hair looks great. I also love it curled! Very cute!

  2. My hair also seems to be in a permanent state of medium length blonde. As much as I think I "change it up" it always looks pretty similar. I grew my hair out for my wedding too! It got really long and after the wedding I chopped it all off. Not as short as yours, but a cute bob nontheless. I am a fan of the honey colored blonde and doing braids and buns when my hair is dirty. My hair is CRAZY frizzy/curly/wavy in every direction and needs some serious taming so I only wash it every 2-3 days so it doesn't get fried with all the straightening I have to do.

  3. I wish I was cool enough to be able to work clip in extensions! Perhaps a blog post how-to for us clueless blondes?!


  4. i love the honey blonde! it looks great on you! and i love clip in extensions too (i'm a huge fan of the jessica simpson/kenpaves hairdo ones)! i think they're awesome if you want to change your look in a flash. as for your french braid, its gorgeous! i wish i could french braid my own hair!

  5. Aww Adrian's hair through the years! :D So cute! I remember all of these. I loved the super-blonde 'glow in the dark' short hair on you, though - it was so cool!

  6. That was a fun post to read! I have curly hair and have tried super short to really long. I'm currently growing it out again and i can't get it long enough!

  7. Except for scissors taken to it, my hair is virgin hair--never been fried with coloring or perms. Part of me wants to one day maybe try coloring it, but I think I'll wait until I get much older. I wouldn't trade my long, dark brown for anything...well, maybe for some natural waves! :)

  8. ughh i want extensions so badly!! i LOVE side ponytails (especially when the bottoms are curled) but my hair is just a little too short for it... so jealous of that look!

  9. Thanks for all the comments ladies, I love it! Hair is so much fun! I am glad I get to play with it every weekend, even when I am too lazy to do my own hair ;)


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