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I must confess

I have a brand spanking new girl crush on the new spin instructor at my gym. Her name is Therese, she was a volleyball player at the University of Colorado, and she decided to become a spin instructor after moving to the south bay area and realizing the instructors here are, ahem, sub-par. She has perfect legs, the best tan, and gorgeous dark brown hair. At first, I was a little nervous, as I like the Thursday instructor who was out sick. I leaned over and told Lexie "she's cute, I hope this goes well!" Boy, did it ever!! Maybe I respond better to pretty people in authority positions, I don't really know, but I did everything she told me to. "Push it! SPEEEEEED!!" You got it, Therese, I obliged, as my legs churned my pedals harder until they turned to jelly. "Increase your resistance, we are at an 9 now, you are on that hill and it's not getting any easier!" Certainly! My quads are already screaming, but I will gladly give it more!

I finished my water with 10 minutes left to go, even after rationing it; I usually have lots left over afterward. I soaked my towel through 30 minutes in, and continued to sweat buckets afterward. I pushed, gave it my all, and was happy to do so the entire class. Then I got sad, thinking I wouldn't get to experience the awesome, challenging, and intense classes that Therese teaches. Oh, but then, she told us something amazing. She is taking over the Tuesday 9am spin classes mid-February! The Tuesday instructor is leaving, and good riddance to her, she talks far too much in class for my liking. I haven't worked that hard in a spin class since I stopped going to the 5:45am classes 2 years ago. Yeah, I used to be crazy like that, but then I got a clue. Let's just say I am very looking forward to my Tuesday morning spin classes now. All in all, I think my crush came from admiration for her athleticism, as I am a happily married heterosexual woman, but if it keeps me happily going to spin classes and getting my heart pumping, I'll take it!

This is Lexie's scared face, after I told her we definitely have to go to all of Therese's classes, as challenging as they are!

And my excited face at my wobbly legs from such a great class!
Pardon my bedraggled appearance, I sweat disgusting amounts in that tiny room with 30 other people turning it into a sauna. Also, I am really loving my legs these days, thanks running 12 miles a week and 2-3 difficult cycling sessions!

What do you do to keep active? Do you ever get girl crushes, and if so, on gym instructors that you admire?


  1. Jillian Micheals in mine! :) She's so mean I love her!

  2. ummm does Kim Kardashian count? she may not be my instructor but her body is definitely a motivator for me cause I wanna look that good!

  3. I totally have a girl crush on one of my yoga teachers!

  4. Awesome! I'm trying my first spin class this week!


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