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If I had to...

Plan my wedding AGAIN, I might do it like this! {with a little help from we heart it, and Google images, of course!} If money wasn't an issue. If time was limitless. If my creativity was a bubbling well of inspiration to delve into. These are some of the ideas I would LOVE to see! {Once I started looking for images, I realized just how unoriginal I really am, but hey, it looks good!}

Country Gentry. May sound a little paradoxical, but it could work! Just imagine the ceremony under a big old oak tree, the reception in an old barn, but with twinkle lights, candelabras and chandeliers, and many gentrified touches! I love navy blue, charcoal grey, and pale pink together, so those would be my colors.

Ceremony & Reception
I loved getting married on the beach in South Lake Tahoe. It was gorgeous, naturally. If I were pick a different venue for my made up wedding however, I would want to change it up a bit. I have always loved the idea of throwing the reception in a barn! The rustic touches and the semi-outdoor appeal are obvious, and if the barn hasn't been in use housing livestock, there shouldn't even be a smell! The barn can be lit up with white twinkle lights and chandeliers for a posh touch, the doors left open to the balmy summer night, and flowers would perfume the air. I love the juxtaposition of the rough hewn wooden beams against the linens, flowers and glitz! i have heard nothing but good things about Big Fun DJ, and my own reception was sorely lacking in the big fun part when it came to music and dancing, so I would definitely hire them to make my imaginary wedding a happening party!

Bridal gown & Accessories
I love the idea of tiered ruffles of lace with a minimal A-line silhouette. It sounds crazy, but I have seen it done remarkable well. Shanni the wedding photographer I love shot her cousin's wedding in 2010, and she had a gorgeous dress that I fell in love with by Maggie Sottero. Seeing that dress made me wish I could get married again and wear it! I found the exact dress {in the first collage, the first 2 photos are off MS website, and the second two are the ones that made me fall in love with this dress}, as well as one that comes pretty close by Lazaro. I wore spray roses in my hair at my actual wedding, but have always loved birdcage veils and would want to wear one for my imaginary wedding. I am not a heels kind of girl, I prefer a good flat, so I would definitely go for a sparkly, bejeweled pale pink flat. As for jewelery, I would do without a necklace, however I would definitely go for earrings and probably a bracelet.

Groom's attire
Simple, classic, elegant. I want my man in a dark grey suit, with a vest and tie. In real life, Billy would probably object, but this is my blog-fantasy!

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen attire
I would have the bridesmaids in navy blue knee length dresses. They are classic, elegant and perfectly chic in any neckline, or shape. The groomsmen I would love in grey suits with vests like my hubby, but with pale pink shirts, if they would allow it! There is something supremely delectable about a man in a suit with a vest.

Flowers & Decorations
I would have pale pink and white flowers; garden roses, hydrangeas, anemones, ranunculus and dahlias! So many pretty, fluffy blooms to choose from! Maybe a little something different for my bouquet! As for decorations, I love a little vintage flair! Mason jars, lemonade, a candy and cookie bar, chalkboard signs, hand made banners, quirky touches everywhere you look? Sign me up!

I absolutely adore the photographic style of Shanni Weilert, of What Shanni Saw. She captures a wedding in what I consider the perfect way. All the little details that the bride and groom worked so hard on, that usually get overlooked, have their own time in the spotlight, but most of all, she really shows the love of the bride and groom. Their adoration for each other is always so obvious and she catches those longing looks with ease.

I would send our guests home with homemade strawberry jam and lemon curd with little cellophane bags of scones! I love the idea of an edible favor, and this would make me a happy camper after a wedding if I took this home myself! 

I had cupcakes at my actual wedding, and it was so very fitting! In my imaginary wedding however, I would like to keep it a little more traditional with a 3-tiered cake. I love the idea of not having any frosting on the cake, but dusting it with powdered sugar instead. If I did go with frosting, definitely no fondant! I love butter cream and whipped cream frosting, topped with fresh strawberries or flowers. 

The Send Off
I would most definitely want to leave my reception in a blaze of glory- truly! I would give everyone sparklers and get an action shot, just like this!

If you are married, what would you do over in your limitless-budget-imaginary-wedding? If you aren't married, what is your dream wedding? 
Don't weddings just make you dreamy?


  1. Cute cute cute! What was your real wedding like? My bf and I have dreams of getting married in central park :)

  2. Gorgeous!!!

    I love so many of these same things, it's not even funny! I want it as personalized and sincere as possible without added fluff ;) Pretty and very "us" would be my goal.

    1. Now that you are a married lady, how did your actual wedding live up to your ideas?!

  3. I LOVE this wedding, if you throw it, can I come? I love the barn idea especially. Right after I got married I saw a barn reception and immediately wished I had thought of it first.

  4. Oh.my.gosh. I am in love with this...I'm now hiring you as my wedding planner once I'm engaged :) seriously, I am in love with the rustic barn decor, too. Your pictures and ideas are FABULOUS. Loved reading this, sweet girl :)

  5. Hi from Mingle Monday! Love your gorgeous wedding ideas. I would love to replan mine- such fun times :)



  6. I loved my wedding, but have SO many ideas for what I'd do different if I could plan it again! I'm with ya girl.

  7. Hi, from Mingle Monday! Love these ideas! I think you've pretty much just planned my wedding :)


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