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Mingle Monday! I don't wish it was Sunday. Oh OK, I will spare you the horror of my improvised song making.

But really, Mondays can be so awesome with a little mingling at Meg's. It's always a party, and you're invited!

Things I learned this weekend
~January 2011 is no different than the last few years. Business wise at the salon, it's very slow
~Setting a new personal record (pr) time for a 5k is thrilling! 8:26 for 3.12 miles
~Catching up with old friends who live out of town is so amazingly wonderful!
~Time spent with friends, no matter how quick, is refreshing and good for the soul
~My friends have super cute kids, could also make a girl want her own {HAH!}
~Despite not having any clients on Sunday, I had the best day! Included lovely things such as:
*A morning walk on the beach with Miss Marlo dog 
*15+ mile bike ride with Nicole 
*time to grill all my chicken for the week
*Quick catch up time with friends I haven't seen in forever
*Dinner at Hulas Hawaiian grill in Santa Cruz for Billy's department appreciation dinner 


  1. You are seriously the best! Thanks girl!! :)

  2. Here from Mingle Monday (:All awesome things to learn (: New follower!

  3. Nice list of things you learned over the weekend. Just stopping by from Meg's Mingle Monday, nice blog!

  4. love those pictures and love your blog! over from Life of Meg :)


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