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MLK Monday

I am not well versed in the entire Civil Rights Movement, but I have a great appreciation for the trail blazers and the advocates who worked so hard to make "All men are created equal" a reality. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a man dedicated to creating a better world for himself, his children and his peers. I know I have never felt the racism, degradation, or humiliation that many African Americans like MLK have, and I can't even imagine a life less culturally diverse than the one I live. I know this world is far from being perfect, however, it is far better because of the work of people like Dr. Martin Luther King, and I am quite thankful for that!

Now on to our regularly scheduled activities- It's Mingle Monday!!! {insert awesome dance music, rain down the confetti, release the balloons} Everyone needs to head on over to Life of Meg and link up to this fabulous party and get a blog-hopping to find yourself some fabulous new reads, and perhaps a few new followers yourself. Also, Meg is a-freakin-dorable, and you will just LOVE her blog, I know I do! Last week Meg posted her "skinny turkey crock pot chili" recipe, and I made it Thursday night to rave reviews from Billy and my friend Lexie. We all had second helpings, and if our bellies could have fit more, I know we would have happily obliged.

Things I learned this weekend
~I should not freak out over a tightly packed schedule during the week; they often find ways to become more manageable, like people canceling instead of confirming.
~Working really hard for 3 hours on one client is so worth it when they LOVE their hair so much they need to HUG you before leaving the salon. 
~My friend Matt is a culinary genius, fantastic dresser, sarcastically humorous, and wants me to set him up with a friend of mine, know of any eligible ladies?
~My smart, intelligent, super awesome hubby passed his state board test and is now a licensed optician!
~I am very blessed. I love my jobs. I love my husband. I love my pets. I have amazing friends.
~A clean kitchen is worth the horrors of the work involved to get it that way. Now I just have to remember that for next time.


  1. Hey! Visiting from Mingle Monday! I love the title of your blog! :) And I love all the things you learned this weekend. Made me smile.

  2. visiting from Mingle Mondays..and I agree ^ I LOVE your blog title. and congrats to your husband! amazing!!

  3. Visiting from Mingle Monday. And you're right-- I'd rather work for hours for an appreciative client than just a few minutes for one who doesn't care or is rude.

    Love the quotes in your header! Happy Monday!

  4. Visiting from Mingle Monday! Your blog is lovely! Looking forward to reading more posts.

  5. I'm a new follower from Mingle Monday!


  6. following you now from mingle monday! your list of things learned this weekend made me smile :) i cant wait to read more of your posts! hope you'll follow me back at www.futuremrsmathewwolfe.blogspot.com

  7. Hello from Mingle Monday! Your list of Things Learned was Great!!


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