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Monday: A wonderful way

To start your week! No, seriously, it is!

I have been going to bed after midnight and getting up around 8am the last week or so, and it took a major toll on me. The bags under my eyes told the story better than I could, and I was feeling so. stinking. tired. all the time. Last night I got home from work around 8pm, walked the dog with the hubby, had a quick dinner of left over polenta lasagna that this girl made for me last week, took some melatonin, and promptly went to bed with a book. I believe I was asleep by 10pm. My alarm went off at 8am, was reset for 9am, and I spent the next hour cuddling with Billy, finally getting out of bed after 10. Nice, right? Now I am sitting in running clothes, Billy's breakfast and lunch made, and looking forward to the rest of my Monday.

One way you can look forward to Mondays is by participating in my favorite blog hop over at Life of Meg for Mingle Monday! Checking out new bloggers and having them visit your blog is always a great way to start your week. Meg, the overachiever that she is, is also hosting a 'Be my Valentine' gift exchange, but at the publishing time of this blog, it is already closed. Just another reason to become a Life of Meg follower and get in the know for awesome mixers, swaps and adorable posts.

What I learned this weekend
~My friend Matt is a great cook, and a fantastic story teller! He kept me and the hubby in stitches, riveted by his stories until well after midnight on Saturday. 
~Making a caramel turtle chocolate cake is easy when you have the hubby make a box cake mix while you are at work, and then assemble and decorate it after. Delicious too!! I recommend a devil's food mix.
~I should really organize my tax stuff (receipts, business expenses, etc) monthly, instead of waiting until tax season!
~Chocolate cake for Sunday breakfast is perfectly acceptable. 
~Seeing Michelle and Micaela, even as I am coloring and cutting their hair, is always a joy! They are now a deep brunette with short bangs, and a fiery red head with long bangs, respectively!
~The Mechanic, with Jason Statham is a fun movie for both you and your man! Lots of eye candy, with fight scenes and explosions!
~Matt Hughes, a UFC fighter, was in my town this weekend as a coach for Robbie Lawler who fought for a Strikeforce belt (and got submitted) on Saturday. We sat behind them both while watching the Mechanic Friday night, and then got a picture!!! {sorry it's bad quality!}

How was your weekend? Did you learn anything? Happy Mondays, lovelies!


  1. I think cake for breakfast is perfectly acceptable. Of course!

  2. I would give anything to be in running clothes right now. SIGH. sounds like you had a pretty fab weekend, my dear. how fun does that valentine exchange sound!? so cool! enjoy the rest of your monday, my dear! xoxo {av}

  3. Super cute blog- love your attitude and love the picture, UFC is a favorite in my house:-)

    You have a great attitude- makes me change mine a little on this Monday:-)

  4. Your posts always boost my mood, I love you for that! :)

    Chocolate cake is perfectly acceptable, for sure! ;)

  5. I learned from my mother at a very young age that chocolate cake is a well-rounded breakfast: it has flour, eggs and milk!

    And I'm jealous of your pic with Matt Hughes!


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