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Swim like a

Well, definitely not like a fish, but I did get in my very first swim for my triathlon training today!

The Silicon Valley Sprint Triathlon at Almaden Lake on June 11, 2011 is my goal. It consists of a half mile swim, a 14 mile bike ride, and a 3 mile run.

The running is second nature now, seeing how I run the race distance or further three days a week, and usually work on increasing my speed with a 3 mile run. I have no doubts that I can finish. {If you want to start running, I highly suggest checking out the Couch to 5k plan, which is what I did  this time last year, and helped me become an avid runner}

The bike portion is going to be just fine, as I am able to really push it in my spin classes, and have been taking a bike ride outside once a week. I have the mileage down, but I will have to work on speed and endurance in the next 5 months to make sure it's a piece of cake on race day.

The swim, however, scares me to death. I am a terrible swimmer. As a child I was a confident and strong swimmer. My mom wanted to encourage this, and put me in competitive swim lessons when I was in 3rd grade, after that, I could barely swim.

I can freestyle back and forth across my apartment pool a few times, then I sort of just float and hang out. Knowing I will have to swim a half mile, with no lane rope or side of the pool to be my safety net is pretty scary. I am confident I will eventually get there, but it's going to be the thorn in my side during my training.

Do you have plans to run any races or complete a triathlon this year? I would love to hear your goals and ideas! I created a 2011 triathlon challenge {sorry if that link is funky, couldn't get an actual URL, so it was through my page} group on Face book for anyone who needs a little push and extra motivation and encouragement. You guys are all welcome to join if you have big fitness plans for 2011!


  1. bookmarked the link to the couch to 5k plan! i'm going to try it once i finish this 100 push ups challenge! thanks!

  2. I found you on Mingle Mondays. I like your site! I have successfully complete one sprint tri and am signed up for two more this year. The swim is probably my worst of the three but my wetsuit helps me through. Biking has been a challenge but, like you, I love to run. And only started about a year ago. Since then I've done 2 half marathons. The photos seem to clearly illustrate how you feel about all 3 sports (the last one made me laugh!)


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