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Friday night fancies

I had today off of work, it was lovely! 

This morning I ran on a treadmill with Nicole because it was POURING rain outside, and not ideal running conditions. I think my California sunshine and nice weather moved east, as my Kansas city blogger friends are reporting awesome sunny weather, while I have been dealing with 5 days of rain. I want it back! We could only push for 3 miles because treadmills, after running outside for so long, are incredibly boring. It was fantastic to hang with her though, she is a serious day maker! If not for Nicole, I would sleep in more often and run less, I would eat badly more often, rather than think "what would Nicole do", I would get down on myself when I mess up or skip a workout, rather than celebrate my successes. She's that good you guys. 

I  then dropped off a very thick folder of documents and very telling financial information to a mortgage broker for our pre-approval process. You guys, I am really pushing this trying to buy a house thing, even though I am 98% certain we won't get approved for enough to buy a house we would be satisfied with, and we would be stretched uber thin financially. When I get an idea, I run with it. I am a steam roller. I will do anything and everything in my power to realize my dream, goal or idea, and can be quite impulsive, persistent, and often unrealistic. Billy thinks this is one of those times. We will hear back in a week or so, I will keep you posted.

I had nothing to do for hours, so I watched The Runaways, and saw that my friend Eric Callero had a non-speaking part for a few minutes!! In first Joan Jett scene in the vintage shop, he's the rockabilly guy leaning on the counter that Joan says she wants what he is wearing. I worked with him on a short film a few years ago (I did hair, he acted) and I am loving following his career! His most notable reoccurring role has been as Cody Deveraux, a moody vampire on the Tonight show with Conan O'Brien.

I then sort of watched The Last Song while I played with makeup and took pictures of myself in the bathroom. I know, so weird. I have to express myself artistically every once in awhile, and since I don't have any photo shoots or creative weddings coming up anytime soon, I was my own guinea pig! I went for smoky eyes and fun hair. Here are some of my favorites, they are all head shots, as I didn't have anything fun to play dress up in, which I still occasionally do! I used my Olympus Pen PL1 camera, no flash with crappy bathroom lighting and then cropped all the photos on the computer. Most of the color photos were taken using the e-portrait setting, which does minor corrections on the camera to smooth out skin texture and erase any flaws, it's fantastic! You can tell the difference between the b&w grainy film texture where I have major under eye bags and the color one next to it where the bags are noticeably smoother :)

I then met up for coffee with a friend and one of her friends to talk about house buying stuff. They shared their annoyances, what worked, what didn't and let me know what to expect for whenever I do buy a house. It was nice picking their brains and allowing them to share their newly gained knowledge with me. 

Now, I am couching it up with the hubby, enjoying a very lazy night in. 

What are your weekend plans?


  1. You look gorgeous in all of the photos! I actually really love the B&W because it's so raw and real. I love how that one highlights your cheekbone structure. Really beautiful.

    We're having a lazy night in, too. Enjoying a nice bottle of wine and trying to find something to watch on Netflix. It's actually supposed to be sunny here tomorrow so we have plans to get outside!

  2. You look so gorgeous in your pics! Love your make-up too!

  3. awww you look so pretty in those pics! I hope you guys get to buy a house. It's the most exciting and nerve wracking thing ever. I don't have any super exciting plans for the weekend. Being lazy sounds okay by me!

  4. Gorgeous girl! Love the makeup!

    As for me- I am being lazy this weekend and loving it:-)

  5. Love your makeup! I am just the worst at makeup most of the time. Clearly need to take some lessons from you!

  6. oh my gosh I love the make-up on your eyes!! gorgeous!! and your hair in the first photo is my favorite... please teach me your ways? I have ZERO idea how to do my hair!


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