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Fun in the Sun

"Let the wind off the ocean blow the spiderwebs out of my soul." 

Micaela wrote that in the most beautiful blog yesterday, and I am now so attached to it you will have to surgically remove it from my brain to separate us. You can read the entire post {here}

Whelp, it's Monday again folks, and I don't know about you, but I LOVE me some Monday's! Monday's are my Friday. My weekends are usually jammed packed and very busy, so when Monday  rolls around, I get really excited to go back to 5 days of part time nanny work in the evenings, and my 5 mornings in a row of sweat inducing, heart pumping cardio! {hello, my name is Adrian, and I am a cardio junkie} As usual, you can make your Monday sweeter by visiting Meg over at Life of Meg and participating in my favorite beginning of the week ritual, Mingle Monday. 

What I learned this weekend
~California is the place to be! We had sunny and warm 70 degree weather both Saturday and Sunday, and I couldn't be happier
~The Lexington Reservoir bike ride didn't get easier when I rode it on Sunday, but is was a lovely way to enjoy said great weather
~My adorable English Bulldog Marlo made it through a 3 mile walk! This required a ridiculous amount of energy and endurance for a bully
~There are Caesar Milan wannabes everywhere you go, and they don't mind telling you when you should be correcting you dog, oops!
~Marlo likes to play in water. I was quite surprised as she detests her baths
~Glee is back, and it made me so happy to watch after the super bowl!
~I have absolutely no will power or self control when there are baked goods in the house. I seriously can't stop myself
~My FIL used the Christmas gift we gave him yesterday--a flying lesson! He was so thrilled, as it's been his dream to fly for a very long time. He's going to take the course and get his license now :)
~You know I really don't care about the super bowl when I don't deem it worthy to bake or cook anything!
~My Friend Caroline rescued an adorable chocolate lab on Saturday, and boy do I want him! Instead of making my tiny apartment into a zoo and possibly getting kicked out for breach of contract, I think I have found a home for him with Nicole's mom Carol!
~The sunsets we have been having lately are epic.


  1. Love those sunset pictures - and terribly jealous of your California weather. Even here in NC, it's too cold - if it snows again, I'll die. Saw your link on Mingle Monday, I'm glad I dropped by!

  2. I saw your link on Mingle Monday! I really like your blog, and your sunset pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Happy Monday!!

  3. here from mingle monday! so glad i came to your link. your blog is great! those sunsets are unreal! :]

  4. Um California is definitely *the* place to be. And Gleeeeeeeeee yayayayay! I'm so excited it's back! I sat through the Super Bowl yesterday just so I would make sure I didn't miss Glee on after, since it wasn't on at a specific time. And it's on again tomorrow night! Soooooo excited!


  5. Stopping by from mingle Monday. Gorgeous pictures. Happy Monday!

  6. Hi Adrian! I'm visiting from MM; I always enjoy meeting new friends and reading new blogs and I have to say that your blog title lured me in - I LOVE happy people! :)

    I'm looking forward to reading along and learning more about you!


  7. I love this post and I LOVE your blog, Adrian! This post and the integrity post below have me sold- im your newest follower:-)

    Have a terrific week!

  8. Oh my, those sunsets are GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing those pics. :)

  9. Post some pics of Marlo in the bath!! Doggies are just too cute.


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