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My beautiful friend Carrie is coming into town next week, and I am so excited to see her! She lives in California's Central Valley, which is our main source of agriculture, and is also sweltering in the summer. She is originally from my area, and to say she misses home is an understatement. She is also, quite simply, the best Pampered Chef consultant ever! 

While she is in town I'm going to drag her to a spin class so she can get a taste of the madness for herself. She is also letting me host my very own Pampered Chef show on Thursday evening! You guys, I'm really excited to get my friends together, enjoy the loaded potato chowder Carrie will be making to demo the products,  ooh and ahh over the awesome kitchen gadgets that I just have to have, and make all sorts of yummy treats to nosh on while doing the rest! The best part is, Carrie set me up so I can take online orders for anyone who isn't able to make it to my show, which means YOU get to order, too! You know I am always looking out for you!

I can't tell you enough how awesome, high quality, useful, and functional Pampered Chef products are. I use the batter bowl (which comes with it's own lid) to mix and store pretty much anything,

 my cookie scoops to make perfectly sized cookies or to measure out batter for cupcakes, 

my salad chopper shears to make quick work of veggies or chicken for salsa or any dish that requires a rough chop, 

my double broiler for melting chocolate chips in the most even fashion, 

my interlocking coating trays to bread chicken and veggies, 

and my awesome bamboo stuff like mixing spoons, salad bowl and claws, which can all go in the dishwasher!

I am seriously coveting the deep covered baker and the stone bakeware, I NEED them!  I do bake a lot, and having the stoneware would make everything cook so evenly, it's justified!

Just head over to Carrie's Pampered Chef site, click on SHOP ONLINE on the left side, enter ADRIAN HERNANDEZ  as the host name, check out all the cool products, add them to your cart, and when you checkout, make sure to check direct shipping, as I don't think you want to come to my place to pick up your cool new toys tools!

My show closes on February 16, so get shopping now before it's too late! All Pampered Chef items make great presents, so if you have birthdays or anniversaries coming up, you know what to give! Also, Valentine's day is right around the corner, you could use your Pampered Chef bakeware to cook up all sorts of goodies for your loved ones, or give them some useful items as a gift! It's that concept of "give a man a fish, feed him for a day; teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime", but in a girlier, baking and cooking fashion!

If my sales are good enough, I will get some really awesome host gifts, and you can bet I will throw down for a giveaway to my lovely blog readers, so make it happen! Tell all your friends, this isn't something you want to keep secret!!

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