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Glee and heartbreak

Favorite Glee quote to-date that completely sums up my love for baked goodies and treats, regardless of how good or bad they may be.

Lauren: "By the way, these candies you gave me--they sucked."
Puck: "But you ate all of them."
Lauren: "I had to make sure they all sucked."

That folks, is why I cannot be trusted around any candy, cookie, brownie, or cake. I ask Billy to hide any treats that make it into the house, and if I happen to find them, he is in trouble.

Now, to fill you in on my house hunting, because I had more comments and inquiries regarding the hunt than I had imagined I would generate! So that house I posted about last week? Yeah, I got to tour it. Annnnnd I was very happy to find out it was already under contract. Because one entire side of the garage was covered in black mold. And crumbling in spots from massive water damage. From the flat roof that was collecting pools of water. That would run down the sides of the house. And cause the foundation to sink on two sides. Effectively bowing house. Yeah, I wasn't heart broken at all.

Actually, I've moved on. To this little beauty that is less than a mile from Billy's parents' house. Which is totally okay with me, I love them to pieces and we already spend plenty of time over there with them.

My friend Diane, a recent home buyer herself, told me not to get emotional in the house hunting process, that many homes won't work out and it's better to not get my heart set on anything. She is however, one of my oldest friends, having known each other for 14 years, and she acknowledged that my personality is very, for lack of a better term, like a steam roller. Once my heart is set on something, there is very little that will stop me from trying to get it. I am driven, persistent, and determined to do anything in my power for whatever I am after. I know I am going to get my heart broken a few times in this process. So get this: this little house is a short sale, and it needs to be sold on Sunday. Yeah, funny, right? I haven't even gotten pre-approved yet, or seen it in person, and I've got my mind made up that I just have to have it. If that doesn't have heart break written all over it, I don't know what does.

This saga is to be continued....


  1. Good luck with the house hunt! It's so hard - I had my heart broken so many times over houses that didn't work it because I'm a lot like you. I start mentally arranging my furniture in a house as soon as I tour it. But now that I have my house, I know that no other place could be as perfect as the one I ended up with. It will happen for you too!

  2. The only thing I warn you about is that a short sale is generally not at all short. Usually, the short sale takes much longer from offer to keys in hand.

    Our house was a foreclosure, and it was kind of a pain to get everything together; short sales are even worse.

    It's also more difficult to get the seller to take care of any repairs (water heaters, holes in the wall, etc), so keep that in mind too.

    I'm excited for your house hunt! :)


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