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I saw two of my favorite girls {I've got quite a few!} this past weekend when I arranged to have them both in the salon at the same time for uber goodness girl time and client pampering.

Michelle came in with grown out, faded dark reddish brown hair with long straight bangs. She wanted to go back to her natural color, a dark chocolaty brown, cut off a few inches for a blunt long bob with shorter bangs.

Micaela came in with mostly her natural light brown hair with a few very grown out blonde highlights, and shoulder length curls and far too long bangs. I had convinced her to come in for her "annual cut and color" {no joke guys, she comes to see me maybe once a year!} by telling her of a dream I had had that I made her a fiery red head with a bob and straight across bangs. She obliging let me do the red and straight bangs, but we kept her hair long, trimming up the ends and re-layering it as needed to encourage her curls.

They both blogged about their transformations! I just love friends, who are clients, who are bloggers! It really gets the point across that I know what I am doing on occasion ;)

Check out Michelle's hair post {here} and Micaela's hair post {here}

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