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Hiya lovelies, hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Today, as you all know, if a saint's day recognized by most Americans as the day you tell your family, friends, spouse, or partner how much you love them. In my world, every day is celebrated in this manner, and so for 10 years running now I am not celebrating the big old red and pink heart day. So happy February 14th, y'all, just another day to say "I love you" to those who matter.

Because today's theme is hearts, I want to share with you a little something that has been on my heart lately-- Buying my first home. I dream about owning my own home on a daily basis. I imagine the kind of house I would like to buy, and then am reminded of the kind of house {or cardboard box} I can actually afford. I am sure most of you know that metropolitan areas of California have incredibly high home prices, even in this "Buyer's marker" we supposedly are in. This is the cute little home I am lusting after this week, and it's {almost} affordable--if I had a nice heft savings for a down payment haha
Billy had a list of requirements when looking for a house, whereas I had one: a house. His list included 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a 2 car garage, some sort of backyard space, and no HOA. This house hits all of our desires, for what I consider a very low price of $290,999. It was on the market and quickly bough last May. I loved it then, so when I saw it back up I thought "well maybe it's meant to be!" as I did for Marlo when I saw her back on Petfinder after being adopted and returned. Look how that turned out! {awesome, btw.}

What I learned this weekend
~One of my good friends is being criticized for her new healthy habits and lifestyle changes, which just breaks my heart that her positive changes would bring unhappiness to her.
~My beautiful sunny weather is taking a break for a rainstorm this week, my mood with it
~I am incredibly impulsive and driven when I want something. See: house above
~Billy as usual is an amazing husband, and I am so happy I married my best friend
~Frozen yogurt is a perfectly acceptable Sunday dinner
~Jack in the box is not appealing in the least to me anymore, and I was happy to pass it up
~Sometimes changing around a busy schedule to fit in a new client who has already given me trouble works out when you see their happy face afterward
~Being glued to the couch after a long day of work is refreshing and does something wonderful to your soul

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  1. Stopping by from Mingle Monday.

    The right house will come along, and it will all work out...until then, it is fun to look!

    I think frozen yogurt is totally acceptable for dinner!


  2. crossing my fingers this house was meant to be for you! hope you have a fabulous valentine's day, my dear! xoxo {av}

  3. Stopping by from Mingle Monday! Your blog is very cute!! I love the title, so true!!

    Good luck with the house hunting, the one in your picture is so cute!!

  4. Im found your blog from Mingle Monday...so exciting to be house hunting...good luck!! :)


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