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Happy Tuesday!

Hey lovelies! I hope you are having a great Tuesday! Just wanted to update anyone who is following my tri training progress, and let you know that I didn't drown nearly as much as I have in the past few weeks while swimming today! I use drown lightly, but often I feel as if that is exactly what I am trying to do, rather than actually swimming. I still can't swim 50 yards straight, and have to catch my breath, even for a moment after the first 25 yards before making my return. This is the second time Lexie and I have completed our swim and followed it up with a spin class. I must say, that is quite the workout! I'm training this way to make my transition from the swim portion to the bike portion of the tri more effortless and natural. We shall see how much {or little} it helps! 

Another quick update: this is the last Tuesday the not-so-great spin instructor will be teaching Tuesday's class, and next week Theresa will start! Remember my girl crush from a few weeks ago? It's still loud and strong ;)

I'm hosting my Pampered Chef party on Thursday night, and even though you probably don't live anywhere near me, you still get to do some online shopping and enjoy the PC products right along with me! Check it out here, click shop online, then enter my name {Adrian Hernandez} as your host, and have fun! My suggestion is you have the products mailed directly to you, as mailing them to the host, me, would mean I would get to hang on to your products until we meet...whenever {or never} that may be!

 Now for some lovely photos to make your Tuesday bright and merry, like the 70 degree California weather I am currently experiencing!


  1. Good work on the training girl. Impressive!!! Oh and please just ship your weather to me...thanks! :)

  2. Thats amazing, girl! I am with you on the swimming thing, I don't even try though so you are awesome!

  3. have to throw in a little Hilary Duff! i <3 her! basically my love for you extends to anyone who resembles you. lol

  4. hey girlie!
    awww I loveee your blog it is so happy and definitely made my day!
    I hope you have a great Thursday!
    swimming will get better and better, it takes a lot of persistence!


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