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I am told that I look like Hilary Duff on a fairly regular basis. Maybe it's the cheekbones, the nose, the shape of the eyes, the high forehead, and the big smile, I don't know exactly, but it doesn't bother me. I always want to laugh when people tell me "I don't know if anyone has ever told you...but you look like Hilary Duff!" I want to pat them on the shoulder while smiling encouragingly and tell them, "why, yes, yes I have been told I look like Hilary Duff, but thank you for telling me!" It's just like when I was in middle school and people would give me their best Rocky impression and shout in a bad Sly Stallone accent "Yoooooooooo Adriaaaannn!" I would feign surprise, and tell them as innocently as I could that they were the first person to ever say that to me.

There are so many HD pictures I see floating around the web that I make Billy look at to concur that it does, in fact, look a whole lot like myself. What makes me laugh is that I look different in practically every picture I take, so it's strange that I look like her in so many photos.

Once, when I was shopping art Charles David shoes in the mall, the sales girl told me I looked like Hilary, and she had been "this close {hold fingers close together}" to texting her coworkers to let them know she had Hilary in the store. Now, I had bad hair, and my outfit was horribly outdated, so not worthy of Ms. Duff's taste, so I just laughed it off instead of pretending to be her for free shoes.
{Charles David shoes, Forever 21 dress}

What do you think, do I look that much like Hilary Duff that you would mistake us?


  1. Yup, I think I might make that mistake :) Very pretty pics!

  2. I can never see her without thinking of you! And hey, it's better than being told you look like Chloe Sevigny (that one still stings for me).

  3. Yep! You sure do, you look a lot like her! :) Totally not a bad thing. She's a gorgeous girl!

  4. When I saw you for the first time after a long time at Michelle's birthday dinner, what was that, like 5 years ago, I thought, "I know I know Adrian and I've always known what she looks like, but somehow she looks familiar in a different way" and then Justin (nonchalantly) said "she looks like Hilary Duff" and I said, "Yep, that's it." LOL!

    Oh and on a regular basis people go, "YOOOO ADRIENNE!!!!" to me and also ask me if they are the first person to ever utter those words to me.


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