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Happy Friday Lovelies!! I am up far too late after a pretty good attempt at hosting my very own Pampered Chef party this evening! I had a pretty small turn out, but I think it went well. My cute little round table was extended with the built in leaf, and covered in yummy goodies that I finagled the hubby into helping bake while I worked. Sorry, the only pictures I managed to snap in my completely too hectic day were of the mini French apple tarts right before they went in the oven, and that's not very exciting.

Remember, you too can own awesome PC items by going {here} and entering my name {Adrian Hernandez} for your host, then shopping to your hearts' content and clicking the "ship directly" option at checkout. Make sure you get your order in by Monday, that's when my show closes!

Now on to your moment of Friday Audrey wisdom! Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone felt like this? Maybe we could end most of the World's ills if we were of the same mindset. It's nice to know that there are people like Audrey who give of themselves so freely to help others.

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