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Tuesday edition

Things I learned this weekend
~Swimming in the rain really isn't as bad as I thought it would be, considering the pool was toasty warm! Though the snow on the foothills made me wonder why I was crazy enough to swim outside at all!
~Jim, Nicole's dad, is an excellent coach, and helped me improve my swimming form. I swam about 1200 yards, which is double what I normally swim!
~I really dislike when a Realtor won't get back to me about a house tour. Come on, you think they would want to get paid, right?
~It's amazing how different a house can look in person from online.
~I got to tour the house I posted last week...let's say I'm not in the least heartbroken that it's already under contract. {hello, black mold and foundation sinking on each side of the house!}
~Spending a day off with my hubby and his family is fantastic fun. Though I eat far too much when I am with them.
~Haven't heard back from the mortgage company about our pre-approval process, fingers crossed!

Sorry I missed my Monday post! Instead of blogging, I had a blast spending time with Billy, having brunch with his family, entertaining my 2 year old nephew, touring houses, and eating. eating. eating. You would think I would have been rearing to go to the gym this morning after the doughnuts, frozen yogurt, pizza, and French toast I consumed this weekend, but I skipped it in favor of sleeping in next to my #1 man today. I did run 5 miles yesterday, and plan on hitting a 4 mile hill loop tomorrow, so I will be back at it soon :)

How was your weekend? Did you overeat too? Hopefully you had a blast doing whatever it was you did!

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  1. I always thought it was crazy too how different houses look in person!! I'm crossing my fingers for you guys. I overate this weekend, as usual. And I plan to overeat today too...i keep dreaming of garlic hummus, so I'm going to the store to buy more. Have a good day!


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