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101 in 1001

I am so inspired by all of these lists I have seen floating around the internet lately. I first heard about them about a year ago from my awesome friend Sharon, who among many other things, has "complete an Iron Man race" on her list, crazy chica! I have started my own, so I hope you all will hold me accountable to attempt to complete the entire list. I will post updates once a month to keep me honest, and if I am not working hard on them, give me that swift kick in the derrière I so desperately need!

Start Date: February 1, 2011 {retroactive because I have been trying to complete this list since mid January!}
End Date:  October 29, 2013

The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching {ie. represent some amount of work on my part}

.101 in 1001

1.     Join or start a book club where we read the book AND watch the movie {want to be my online book club?}
2.     Read 5 classic novels I have never read before {0/5}
3.     Take a photography class
4.     Learn how to use my camera
5.     Pay off my 2 credit cards {2/2}
6.     One week Face Book fast {0/7}
7.     Movie date with Billy once a week for a month with no distractions during
8.     Make a habit to call good friends to check in at least once a month
9.     Host a dinner party
10. Host a theme party
11. Host a girls night
12. Host a product show {Pampered Chef, 2/10/11}
13. Find new photos and home décor for walls
14. Resist nagging Billy about video game play for 30 days {20/30}
15. Watch all Audrey Hepburn movies {9/27}
16. Be the subject of a photo shoot August 2011
17. Wear an awesomely glamorous outfit in every day life {movies, shopping}
18. Be in bed by 11pm every night for a month {0/30}
19. Make something crafty, crocheted a scarf!
20. Keep a clean house for a week, even picking up after Billy
21. Get a professional massage Burke Williams day spa
22. Save $1,001 April 8, 2011{saved up and bought my bike!}
23. Create and contribute to a 401k /IRA/savings account for retirement
24. Go camping
25. Attend a live UFC fight
26. See 4 bands I love live {1/4}
27. Take a vacation to somewhere tropical
28. Create an emergency fund
29. Finish my community college classes and look into upper division for B.A.
30. Retake basic French classes to improve my language skills
31. Pay off half of my car loan
32. Take a dance class with Billy
33. Make 3 new friends {3/3, all thanks to my new friend Danielle who introduced me to several new friends!}
34. Take Marlo through training/obedience classes
35. Put together a cool thrift store find outfit {blog it!}
36. Send 5 postcards {0/5}
37. Write 5 thank you notes for gifts received {0/5}
38. Handwrite 5 letters and mail to friends {0/5}
39. Give 5 “I saw this and thought of you” gifts {1/5}
40. See a live comedy show {Saturday 3/5/11}
41. Read for 20 minutes a day for 30 days {30/30}
42. See a Broadway/musical show
43. Take a random road trip at least one hour away
44. Cash in Billy’s change jar {I put the change I find in a jar!}
45. Sleep in three times with no alarm {0/3}
46. Create a collage for home décor
47. Learn to crochet again, make something, anything, that looks good {made an infinity scarf for Nicole for Christmas 2011}
48. Write a letter to myself to read at the end of this project
49. Read a news article every day for 30 days {0/30
50. Read a Bible verse every day for 30 days {0/30}

51. Redesign my website {any volunteers?}
52. Travel overnight for a wedding
53. Add a third day on at the salon
54. Find a way to supplement nanny income solely with hair income
55. Create a new professional portfolio

56. Make a different meal from scratch every night for 7 days {0/7}
57. Try a new baking recipe 4 times a month, 3 months, blog it  {0/12}
58. Buy all produce from a farmer's market for one month
59. Go no carb {excepting fruits and veggies} for 7 days straight {0/7}
60. Log all calories on the daily plate on Livestrong.com for 7 days {7/7 April 8, 2011}
61. Make my own cookbook of my favorite recipes with photos if possible
62. Make dinner for my nanny family once a week, 2 months {3/8}
63. Make Billy’s lunch every work day for a month {10/30}
64. Make healthy tweaks to 7 of my favorite recipes, blog it {2/7}
65. Eat at Nick’s on Main again {Best. Anniversary. Dinner. Ever}
66. Try 3 new foods that have always intimidated me {0/3}
67. Work my way through a cookbook like Barefoot Contessa, etc.
68. Eat at 5 new to me local restaurants {0/5}
69. Roast marshmallows over a bonfire at the beach
70. Create an indoor romantic floor picnic
71. Drink 8+ cups of water a day for 7 days {7/7, completed in July 2011}

{Health & Fitness}
72. Complete a triathlon June 11, 2011
73. Run more than 6 miles May 30, 2011 6.56 miles
74. Finish a 25 mile bike ride
75. Run 3 miles in 24 minutes
76. Run 10 miles November 2011
77. Complete a half marathon
78. Run a race supporting a cause I believe in
79. Lose 5 pounds {135lbs 2/5/11} hit it in July, but gained it back haha
80. Join a tri or other fitness training team joined meetup.com Bay Area Runners group in November 2011
81. Start weight training 1-2 times a week
82. Focus on shoulders and glutes for an impressive physique ;)
83. Push my own weight on leg press for 1 whole set {so hard, but did it in July 2011}
84. Complete a 21 day pushup and crunches challenge {0/21}
85. Become a certified spin instructor
86. Take nutrition and anatomy classes to better understand health and fitness

{Bloggy Goodness}
87. Meet a blog friend in real life {any takers?} Yay Megan, it was awesome meeting you in SF for Bay to Breakers!
88. Obtain 100 followers Yay!
89. Host a blog giveaway on Happy Girl when I hit 100 followers {whoops, totally missed that one! How bout 150 or 200?}
90. Create or obtain a custom blog design {again, volunteers?}
91. Complete a 30 day blog challenge {0/30}
92. Create a link up or weekly blog hop
93. Blog Monday through Friday for one month
94. Create my own blog button
95. Find a cause I care about, blog it
96. Encourage a friend to start a blog/ blog more {Lexie started her travel blog!}
97. Make a how-to hair video, blog it
98. Create a step-by-step photo blog for something non-food related
99. Write 5 book reviews {0/5}
100. Discover 20 things I like about myself and blog it {0/20}
101. Take a photo a day and post it for 30 days {0/30}


  1. very cool, I love these lists! I can't wait to see you do all this fun stuff :)

  2. Adrian, I love your list! I'm totally up for the online book club-seriously!

    You can *absolutely* do all of the things on your list! As for meeting a blog friend in real life, Meg up there ^-^ (watchmegorun) are trying to do that at a race in December! You could join us and complete your half marathon goal, thus achieving 2 goals in 1 :D


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