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Happy late Tuesday lovelies! I don't know where my time is going to these days, but it is taking me longer and longer to connect with my online world after my weekends. Also, I must confess that my computer time I would normally be blogging is now being hogged by my online house hunt, sorry about that!

House hunt update: Nothing new. Really. I am still waiting on my pre-approval, and fantasizing about the houses I would like to make a home. The long wait is probably a blessing in disguise, as the longer I sit and think about buying a house, the more I realize it may not be in our best interest. Don't get me wrong, I would absolutely love to own my own home right now, {and I am not stopping the hunt} but our finances may not be ready, and that could cause some major issues down the line. It's just three {rather important} things holding us back.
1} Billy and I don't really have a savings, so putting up lots of cash for a 20% down payment, closing costs, and all the other incidentals that arise would be difficult. {Although, we are getting a gift from a relative for our down payment, but it would be more in the range of 3-5%, not 20%}
2} We don't have a crazy big budget to work with, so our monthly payment will have to stay around what we pay for rent, but when it's associated with a mortgage, that means a much smaller loan amount than I would like to use. 
3} You don't get a lot of house for your buck when you are on our budget, so we would be settling on something not quite what we had hoped to own. Now, tell me, who wants to settle on something that will be the biggest investment you will make in your life?

Moving on I would like to share:

What I learned this weekend
~When I get the vibe a new client is flaky, I should probably do a better job of confirming them, or risk ending up with a 4 hour gap when they no-show me.
~Venting just a little about said 4 hour gap on Facebook can be quite productive, and actually help to fill that gap!
~Reconnecting with estranged friends after you have both had time to heal is wonderful.
~Swimming with a pool float between my legs to just work my arms proved amazingly beneficial to my workout! I was able to swim 32 laps without stopping for longer than 5 seconds between, and without becoming completely winded in the process--a first!!
~I still fall prey to the allure of stuff at Costco...my bill yesterday was ridiculous for 2 people.
~I need to create attainable to-do lists, because it drives me crazy to have unchecked items!
~Crossroads Trading Company {a recycled clothing store} didn't want any of the items I brought in, even though most were from Banana Republic, Gap, The Limited, etc., and was spring appropriate! Their loss. 
~Food should not have power over me. I fail at this unfortunately.

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