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I made it!

Well hello, Monday, it's nice to see you again! I decided to post a little early {11pm Sunday isn't too far from Monday, right?} so I could actually have a Monday post for all my lovely readers who may, or may not, have missed me.

I have sincerely missed linking up with Meg over at Megnificent Life for Mingle Monday, so I am a happy camper to be involved this week! If you are stopping by from MM, welcome! I am so glad you made it, and I can't wait to get to know you better. I hope we can become the best of bloggy friends!

What I learned this weekend
~Sometimes clients don't actually know what they want with their hair, and may make me spend 8+ hours over the course of two days first giving them what they asked for, and then correcting it the following day {ahem, sweet daughter of a client who wanted Miley Cyrus' hair!}
~I actually liked my Sunday swim! Swam outside with Nicole and her 11 year old brother Seth, and was coached by her Dad, with Mom on the sidelines beaming like the proud parent she is. 1200 yards down, son!
{OK, seriously, this pic is amazing! I look like that when I swim haha}
~Bringing over a Chinese Chicken Salad kit and 2 heads of iceberg lettuce makes me the dinner making hero at my in-laws house when Mama is too sick to cook!
{actual salad kit used, just not my photo}

~Laugh Track City at Made Up Theatre was super great! I am so proud of my friend Ben for creating such an awesome improv comedy troupe. If you are ever in the SF Bay Area, on the 1st or 3rd Saturday of the month, you should check it out!

~I stay up far too late on a regular basis because I am like an overgrown child about my bedtime. It's really starting to affect me. I must stop fighting the sleepiness and just go to bed at a regular time. {hah, like now!}
{precious, much?}
~This is one of the photos that comes up when you type in 'amazing' on weheartit 
I think is is pretty indicative of what this week will be like. 
~Wednesday is forecast to be 70 degrees, this lady right here is a very happy girl indeed!

Have a great week, lovelies!!


  1. Ummm that salad looks delish! I may have to try and find that when I go to the grocery store this week! I'm glad you had a good weekend and sorry that crazy client couldn't make up her mind with her hair! She was probably trying to be like Miley... she can't be tamed! :)

  2. I just found your blog through Monday Mingle and I love it!

  3. Found you through Monday Mingle and am a follower now! I Love your blog! It's way too cute and I love the title. :)

  4. Saying hi from Mingle Monday! I love your blog title! It's really inspiring! I'm excited to follow you!


  5. Found you off Mingle Monday, really like your blog! I'll be in San Fran April 1-3rd so maybe I'll get a chance to check out your friend's Improv show! Following now =)


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