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Lazy days

I'm sitting on the couch. Laptop on my lap. Covered in a blanket. Lacking any and all motivation to do anything.

I should be:
Hunting up healthy recipes, making a weekly meal plan, and a grocery list, then grocery shopping
Walking the dog {hey, I did it once already!}
Vacuuming the floors
Cleaning off the kitchen table, which is our catch-all and is strewn with clothes, lunch bags, mail and the like
Sorting through and trying on the clothes Nicole handed down to me today {woo hoo!}
Depositing checks from the weekend via my Chase mobile banking app for Android
Taking Marlo to the dog park, since it's nice out
Folding clothes and changing out the laundry

Now, don't assume I have been a lazy girl this whole day! I did get up a little extra early to hit the trails with Nicole for a 5.5 mile run {in the glorious sun and beautiful weather that was promised!}, then started the laundry, showered and got myself ready after a nice little breakfast. Unfortunately, It's almost time for me to head to work, and I just want to eat eat eat everything, and continue being lazy. Le sigh. I'm trying to continue with the healthy eating trend this week, but all I want to make is CAKE! I told you before, I am my own worst enemy in the kitchen, and like to sabotage myself by baking. I'm trying to resist baking this week, as I know once it's available and in my house, all my healthy habits become a distant memory.

What do you do when you feel extraordinarily lazy? 
Or like baking sweet treats when you know you shouldn't?

OK, I'm going to check the laundry and rustle up some healthy lunch for myself {pout} Hope you ladies have a wonderful rest of your Monday!


  1. Hello! Just visiting from Mingle Monday! I'm insanely jealous of your lazy day. Like real jealous...

    Anyway, love your blog and sunny outlook! Check me out at: www.poodleism.com

  2. Once a month I have to take about 5 days off from eating healthy and exercising. You know, those 5 days a month that every woman hates? I let myself do and eat whatever I want for those 5 days knowing that when they are over, I'm back to my regular routine. Then when I get tired from being so busy and productive, I remember that those 5 days are only a few weeks or a few days away. It's like my "recharge" time.

  3. Just a hey from mingle monday!

    I would most definitely love to be at home wrapped in a blanket having a lazy day. Work is almost done though..thank goodness!!


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