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Longest Monday post, EVER.

Another weekend has passed us by, and most of you are going back to work, or others like me, are continuing work. I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful week ahead!

To start today off right, Happy Mingle Monday! Hop on over to Meg's blog to link up and join in on this fabulous Monday treat.

Julie, over at Tri-ing to be Athletic gave me an award! The Stylish Blogger award, to be exact!

Stylish, pssshh, me? What? Seriously, if you know me in real life, you know stylish really isn't one of the words that would describe me! However, I will accept this lovely award from an equally lovely blogger friend.

It comes with a few stipulations {doesn't everything?} So here you have it:
~Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award {gotcha!}
~Share 7 things about yourself
~Award 10-15 blogs you feel deserve the award {that's a lot of ladies to award, especially after so recently passing on the Versatile Blogger Award!}
~Contact these bloggers to let them know you gave them an award

About me:

  1. I hated running for the first 12 months I was consistently doing it. The 13th month, however, I realized I loved it, and now feel anxious or weird if I don't exercise Monday-Friday. Funny how I don't mind on the weekends. Just a little encouragement for anyone who is starting out with running, and is hating it now, if you stick with anything long enough, it gets better!
  2. I knew I was going to marry my husband the day I met him. Maybe not marry him exactly, but I knew he was going to be special in some very large way. I never believed in soul mates until Billy. I'm a cheeseball, I know.
  3. Much of my rationalizing is done in black and white. Example, loyalty. I will put up with a ton for a very long time, but cross some invisible line, and then no longer. I also have trouble forgiving, so this is a tough line to cross back over. 
  4. I love recognition. Doesn't matter what it is for; cleaning the house, a really pretty bridal hair and makeup application, or a job well done in another arena. I usually fish around Billy, and often will repeat something that I am proud of around others. Silly?
  5. I prefer to sit on my couch, catch up with my TV shows, read blogs, and be lazy than go out and be social or "act my age". I like acting 56, thank you very much!
  6. My pets are my babies. I am putty in their paws. I like them much better than most people. Shhhh.
  7. I have the hots for Jason Statham. He is my lovely hunky actor crush, and Billy fully supports this because it is his man crush too ;)

Lovely bloggers who deserve this award:
Michelle @ Books n Shoes
Adrienne @ AOG Daily
Jenn @ Jagged Little Life
Alison @ Life and Times of Alison and Justin
Meg @ Life of Meg
Jess @ Sasta
Katie @ Words by Katie
Rachel @ Simple.Little.Joys

What I learned this weekend:
~It's a glorious day, and the weather forecast predicts temperatures in the 70's this week. I am thrilled! The constant rain over the past two weeks has really bummed me out.

Today Mar 28Tue 29Wed 30Thu 31Fri 1
AM Clouds / PM SunPartly CloudyPartly CloudySunnyPartly Cloudy
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Chance of Precip:
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~Marlo LOVES her new bed. I got it at Ross {does any one else remember that catchy tag line from the commercials?} It's the same colors as the fleece blankets we have on the couch, and the cover zips off and is machine washable, major score for just $17!

~I tried on a pair of micro sized shorts while at Ross, and I can't believe people routinely wear these tiny things out in public! Funny enough, I bought them {$8.99, woot!}, even if just for kicks...and cleaning around the house...and my Heidi from Tool Time costume for next Halloween. What, doesn't everyone plan their Halloween costumes out the year before months in advance? What do you think? SHORT! This is my new favorite shirt, btw. It looks better without the short shorts, and straightened out, also $8.99!

~I really want to see Sucker Punch, even though it got terrible reviews. The graphics and CG effects are phenomenal, and the girls are so cute! Sometimes plot can suffer for pretty. 

~Marlo got into a fight at the dog park. She was playing well with the much larger dogs {3 pitts and a wolf malamute} but another dog started getting up in her face and they got into it. Thankfully she made it out just fine with just a little scratch on her chin, and the other dog was OK too.

~Modern Family is a wonderful TV show! Gloria totally reminds me of my dental hygienist Maria, they could be sisters, I swear! So many funny quotable lines, I am loving it!

~I really, really want long flowing extensions. They are extremely unpractical for me though. Waist length extensions just don't do well under a swim cap. Or constantly pulled up in ponytail as I sweat it up on the trail. Or under a helmet on a bike ride. See, not practical at all, but fantastic nonetheless! I think I'm dying for them because I just put a head full in on my friend Maeve. Don't worry, we cut and styled them after this photo!

~Despite wearing gloves during the application and the shampooing process, I still managed to end up with a purple hand from a clients' funky color. Being a hairstylist means I routinely come home covered in other people's hair color.


  1. Way to go on the workouts! You look AH-MAZING!!!! Thanks for the Award too, I had no post for Tuesday and now I do :)

  2. hi i'm stopping by from mingle monday! you're blog is sooo cute i'm so glad I found it and i'll be follwing! i'm with you on the micro-short thing i tried some on and felt like i was in my boy-short underwear!

  3. Congrats on the blog award. I hope Marlo gets better really soon!

  4. Thanks for the award! You're awesome =)

    I want extensions sooooo badly, it's taking way too long for my hair to grow back out. It's just so expensive.. I think I might get a few of those feather extensions they are doing now... Have you heard of those?

  5. Thanks for the award, girl!! Modern Family is definitely one of my favorites. It's HILARIOUS!

    And, that's good to know about running. Some days I really want to get out and go run, but other days it is SO HARD to make myself do. Glad to know it gets easier (even if it does take a year, haha!).

  6. Thanks so much for the award - you're too sweet!! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. Poor Marlo; I'm glad she's alright!

    those shorts look great on you - I'm sure Billy appreciates them too ;)

    Thank you for the award, lovey!

  8. Wow, you are ON it! You made this post so quickly! Love your seven facts :D

    Have a good week Adrian!


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