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Just a few things zillion going through my brain today, thought I would share a few thoughts!

I want. Now. Giveittome. 
Billy called the black ones "sparkly ninja shoes" and told me I had to get that pair because I would "wear the sh*t out of them". Thanks for the shoe support baby. 

I have this song stuck in my head. It will be going in a new spin mix soon. 

I'm really enjoying the loose French braids that I am rocking today. 
Because really, I am 7 years old.

I want to go on a vacation. July needs to get here already so I can take my working vacation to Las Vegas for the USA Bodybuilding Championship {Miss Tiffany is competing and I'm doing her hair and makeup again!}. Those pretty lights and sweltering temperatures are calling my name.

I really despise leaf blowers. Especially when they are used before 8am. Right outside my bedroom window.

I need to figure out a way to not eat everything in sight when I get home from work. I eat a snack on the way home, make and eat dinner, than forage for something else to eat before bed, all while snacking on random things throughout the evening. It's ridiculous. And I wonder why even with intense cardio 5 days a week I am only maintaining my weight, rather than losing. 

Now, in a completely random segue, I will talk about what else is on my mind, and it is entirely unrelated, trust me!

This morning I read this by Rachel over at {Simple.Little.Joys}

I was so moved by it, I started to cry. In the bathroom. In my bathing suit, getting ready to leave for Thursday edition of swim & spin at the gym. I was particularly affected by this section, where she understood that God was telling her:

"Rachel! My child. My sweet, stubborn child. Calm down. I got this! I have you in my arms. I have it under control. Your ways aren't My ways, and I need you to realize that but trust Me anyway. My plans for you are so much greater than your mind could ever imagine...and they're happening in the midst of this! Sit back. Trust me. Trust me with all that you are. All of your heart. Let it go, really. You are mine. I love you more than you know. Rest in my peace, and know that I'm taking care of every step you take."

Yeah, how can you not be moved to tears, humbleness, and awe when you think about a creator who loves you that much? I have a hard time letting go, relaxing, and not being in control. I'm so high strung and controlling  I have to set an alarm every day, even on my days off, and I have no concept of relaxation or idle time. I have big plans for my life, and I want them NOW, not in someone else's time, even my creator. This was lovely to read today, because I actually chatted with the big G upon waking up, just before reading this post, and asked if He had any wisdom to share with me today. Funny how He uses the most random ways to speak to you, isn't it? 

Now, I don't write about my faith much because it is imperfect, and I don't always know how to explain it, but if you want to hear what my life has looked like in my quest to find God and faith, I can tell you another time. I just had to share this with you in case you don't already know Rachel and her beautiful, sincere, captivating blog.


  1. I love the braids and I love love love the toms!!!!

  2. You know I just got my silver TOMS (seriously, try ebaying them, it worked out great!) I love love love them so far. Though my FH is calling them my "mental illness shoes."

    And VEGAS! Never been - really, really want to go.

  3. I am trying really hard to like TOMS but I can't get on board! Justin wants a pair, maybe he can convince me.

  4. I want sparkly ninja shoes too!! I did find ninja cookie cutters that I'm in the middle of writing a post about though - do they count?

    I'm also a cardio junkie in the midst of my regular after-work feast...sigh...

    Visiting from Mingle Monday :)

  5. I love those TOMS! My honey just got me the pink ones and they are amazing! Just found your blog through mingle monday :) I love Vegas!


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