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No Trespassing? Mud it is!

Hey lovelies, hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday! It's currently 75 degrees with a promise of at least 80 today, and the sunshine is just glorious! 

I fully took advantage of the weather and my free mornings with a bike ride. Nicole and I had plans to attempt my June triathlon bike route again, so we set off at about 8:45am. This was us before we headed out, see how clean and happy we are? BTW, isn't Nicole in incredible shape? She motivated and inspires me with her dedication to clean eating and exercise, and it shows! She has lost about 35 pounds since August, as well as completely changed her lifestyle.

We stuck to some back streets that mirrored the main road I would be taking for the tri, but were safer for our morning ride. I was prepared for the death hill that took my by surprise the first time I rode this route, and had amino acids in my water bottle for fuel, and a game plan to attack the mile and a half climb--mainly don't burn out, keep pedaling, and don't stop! This picture I snapped near the top of the hill.

This time around the hill was tough, but not nearly the monster I remembered from a few weeks back, and we made it all the way to the super secretive IBM campus. Unfortunately, the intercom speaker squawked at us that it was private property, and we couldn't ride through the quarter mile of campus that the route used, so we had to turn back. Me being the experiences hiker of the county park we were at decided we should take a hiking trail back and totally show the IBM meanies who was boss. Hmm, maybe not my brightest idea, as we are just seeing sun this week after 10 straight days of torrential rain. The trail I am used to hiking was full of muddy puddles, rutted beyond belief, and tough to navigate when you are biking faster than I normally walk. We ran into a little trouble going up a hill through mud when Nicole's chain popped off and got stuck between the gears and the frame. We, being inexperienced bikers, tried to "fix it" by tugging on the chain and basically doing nothing more than getting dirty.  Some ladies who were hiking the trail totally came to our rescue and within a minute one was able to do what we had tried for 10 minutes in vain to do, and the chain was properly in place! We continued on our trail, going through horse gates and riding on the bumpiest terrain imaginable through the back country and finally emerged in suburbia right where we needed to be. 

When I got home, Nicole headed off to school, and I took a look at the damage. Nothing major, just mud mud and more mud. Yes, the mountain bike does live inside. It's like furniture that motivates Billy and I to get outside and ride :)

All in all, it was a successful 19.32 mile bike ride! 

What are you doing to enjoy the weather or be active today?


  1. You get it, girl! You inspire me so much! On that note... off to the gym for my lunchtime workout!

  2. amazing! you are so impressive! and girl, you TOTALLY look the part :) I should probably get out of my bed and do something active now.....

  3. I came across your blog through Alison's and thought I would say hi! I am training for my first half marathon in May, but am thinking about doing a triathlon in July!

  4. This was one of my favorite days and the most memorable ride! You left out the part where I complained and ranted about my chain coming off, hah <3


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