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Rainy Monday

Happy Monday, lovelies! I hope you all had relaxing and refreshing weekends, and are looking forward to your week ahead. I was very busy this weekend, and I am SO GLAD it is Monday! 

As usual, one of my favorite Monday morning treats is Meg's Mingle Monday series! Unfortunately, Meg is feeling under the weather today, and has postponed the hop until she feels better. So instead of linking up today, please head over to her site and leave her some love and positive energy! Also, if you have any family remedies or tried and true concoctions that make you feel better when you are sick or have the flu, please share those with her while you visit her site!

What I learned this weekend:
~Babysitting two nights in a row, while fun and great for extra money, takes a huge toll on me
~Sean, 7yo, whom I used to nanny for (uh, 4 years ago!) is so big now, but still such a cuddle bug :)
~Young boys love to wrestle, get loud and physical together, and it's much easier to referee when necessary, rather than waste my breath telling them not to do something that they will inevitably not listen to anyway.
~Unexpected Sunday mornings off are fabulous after said babysitting jobs on top of regular work
~Clip-in extensions make everyone happy. It's really one of the easiest ways I can ensure my clients love their special occasion hair. I highly recommend a set to anyone with going out plans.
~I really miss Billy when I don't get to see him because I am out late
~I'm a little self-conscious about my own makeup applying skills and Target brand {plus nice stuff, too!} filled kit when I work with awesome artists who use MAC, Chanel, and Dior like it ain't no thang.
~I learn so much working with talented makeup artists, just from watching what they do.
~This rain storm we are experiencing is awful. Please no floods! 
~It's spring now, the rain needs to go away so it can be sunny and 70, just the way I like it.
~Linking up with my favorite blog friends {Hey Meg and Julie!} on other sites like daily mile and run keeper is very motivating, and I can't wait to workout more!
~In my quest to rationalize life for myself in the last 5 years, I have lost my ability to truly empathize with certain situations, such as people experiencing deep depression that causes them to self-mutilate or harm themselves. I wish I could understand what drives them to do this, but to me it's not rational and it doesn't make sense, so I just don't get it. 

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  1. See, I have some clip-in extensions, but I just cannot find the confidence to put those suckers on. I know everyone's going to be like, "Uhh, why is her hair suddenly real long?!" FAKER!! I guess I should just have more confidence about them.


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