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Versatile Blogger Award

Woo hoo I've received an award!! I first received the award, and then never collected it, on January 26 from Alison, and now I received it again today from Jess! I know, I'm a terrible blogger!

Thanks so much ladies, you guys rock, and I really appreciate the award!

{each  blogger had different rules, so I'm doing both!}
1} Thank and link back to the lovely ladies who gave me the award, gotcha!
2} Write 7 random facts about yourself/ answer 10 questions
3} Pass this award along to a few other bloggers
4} Leave the a note letting them know about the award

7  random facts about me:
1} I absolutely, positively hate bad drivers. I do not consider myself a fantastic driver by any means, but bad driving irks me something fierce.
2} I can have months of awesome feedback and great results with my color clients, but one bad experience can seriously shake my confidence in my skills. 
3} I've been doing special occasion hair styles for over 10 years. All of my friends in high school would ask me to do their hair for proms, and then my older friends started asking me to do their wedding party hair. Eventually I figured I should make a career out of it, and went to beauty school. The rest, as they say, is history!
4} I have a weird back. I have severe scoliosis, and have had two spinal fusions leaving pretty much all of my thoracic vertebrae fused in one column. The end of one of my {3} rods does this weird popping crackling thing, and it freaks people out who put their hand on it. That's what I call my party trick!
5} Billy says I'm a butt flirt, and no matter what I am doing, I subtly shake my booty back and forth. Cooking, getting dressed, etc., I shake my bum bum. I didn't even realize I did this, until I asked Billy for some random facts about myself and he told me!
6} I prefer text or e-mail over phone conversations. Yes, I am one of those people. I do like phone calls, just not as much! Plus, my HTC Evo 4G is AWESOME, and does everything, making me a happy girl.
7} I have an obsessive personality. Whether it be running and getting fit, or making and gobbling up cupcakes and cookies, I have no self-control. 

10 questions:
1} Why did you create this blog? I wanted to separate my business from my personal life on my last blog, so I created this one to have an outlet for all things fun and happy, while keeping my weddings and hair stuff on Hair by Adrian.
2} What kinds of blogs do you follow? Anything that catches my fancy! Young ladies in college, girls planning their weddings, young moms, everyone! If I like your writing style when I find your blog, chances are I will click follow. 
3} Favorite makeup brand? As a makeup artist, I should be able to give you one brand, but I can't. I like Make Up For Ever and Glo for weddings, but my everyday routine includes Neutragena concealer and tinted moisturizer or foundation, Bronze FX peach glow blush, and Covergirl Lash Blast mascara. 
4} Favorite clothing brand? Hmm, Ann Taylor Loft and NY&Co top the list, then Forever 21 and Target for affordability and changing trends.
5} Indispensable makeup product? for professional work, my airbrush gun! Freaking flawless, light coverage that makes most every women looks awesome. For me, a clean lash blast mascara wand I use to comb the mascara clumps out of my eyelashes.
6}Favorite color? Turquoise, or most shades of blue and green. I like a lot of colors, even if I don't wear them!
7} Favorite perfume? I've been wearing Gap So Pink for years, and just recently added Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir for special occasions, ie: when I wanna get down with my man haha
8}Favorite Film? Um, that's easy, Breakfast at Tiffany's! 
9} What country would you like to visit and why? Costa Rica!! I wanna experience la pura vida! 
10} Would you rather forget to put blush on one cheek, or mascara on one eye? Uh, I can't leave the house without mascara because my eyelashes are blonde and I look sick without it, so blush for sure!

Passing it on to 7 lovely ladies!
Meredith @ Thank you Ma'am
Joelle @ Love is Home
PS- you can pick whether you want to answer the 10 questions or give 7 random things about yourself :)

Thank you Alison and Jess, I love my Versatile Blogger award!


  1. Aw, thanks love for the award! You are too sweet!

    And I hate bad drivers too...I drive way too much to be stuck behind someone going too slow. Biggest pet peeve? People that don't use their blinkers. Ugh.


  2. Bad drivers make me nuts too. The other night I was merging onto the turnpike at RUSH HOUR and the guy in front of me was going 25. Not kidding. How in the world did he expect to merge into Philadelphia rush hour traffic at TWENTY FIVE?! I'm getting annoyed just thinking about it! Ha! Cute questions!

  3. Oh, you silly girl, you are the sweetest! Thank you so much -- this really made my day. :)

    PS: I think I may also be a butt flirt...and that is absolutely hilarious. Haaaaaaaaaaaa.


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