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Bob and bikes

I have written before about how difficult the Bob Harper Inside out Method Pure Strength Pure Burn workout DVD is, and I'm not gonna lie, it scares me off every time I try it!  I popped Bob in this morning, after being lazy and sleeping in instead of hitting the gym for a swim and spin workout, and it was exactly what I needed. Over an hour of heart pumping, sweat inducing, muscle fatiguing strength workout to make me regret sleeping in. I finished the workout shaking, and downed my awesome chocolate Pro7ein Synthesis and Glutacore shake right after. I have been a little weak and shaky since, so I am enjoying a piece of french bread with peanut butter and my ground turkey stuffed pepper filling {with a little added brown rice}for lunch, hoping it makes me feel strong again.

Do you supplement with protein powders or glutamine after workouts? I really like this combination, and will have it as soon as possible after I finish a workout. I have learned a lot about nutrition lately, and realized that your body will leach nutrients from other muscle groups to feed the muscles you are using during a workout, and that is why a lot of runners or cyclists tend to look all saggy/skinny in their upper bodies, but have nice legs. I want to be well rounded, so I am giving my muscles the protein and nutrients they need after a workout in that 30-60 minute window of opportunity for best absorption. Sorry, this is probably boring!

Funny thing when I workout with a DVD, Marlo thinks it's her job to "clean" me up, and insists on licking me. She will also workout with me by jumping up to catch my dumbbells, or standing directly where I need to lunge etc. I feel bad putting her in the crate while I workout, but sometimes it's necessary! Today she got a cheek full of 3lb weight while I was doing bent over flies, and I felt so bad! Do your animals bother you while you workout at home? How do you avoid smacking them around when they get in the way?

In exciting news, in the next few days I will be purchasing my first ever road bike!! I have been eying the Specialized Dolce Elite Apex Compact
 but was turned on to a few Cannondales today by Matt, whom you all met in my last post. 
He suggested the  CAAD10 5

All of which are offered at Mike's Bikes, {one of my favorite shops} and on mega sale until Sunday. I have been saving up my cash from the salon in order to get myself a bike, and I can't wait to ride all 3 and figure out which is best for my needs. I will post pictures and update you once I actually get one. SO excited! If you have any experience with these bikes, have a few pointers about choosing a bike for a triathlon, or can enlighten me in any way, I would love your feedback!

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  1. Aaaahhhhh have fun test-riding bikes!! Don't know much about those ones so I can't give any tips. Can't wait to hear all about it and see which one you pick.


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