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Easter hump day

Happy hump day, lovelies! 

Easter is quickly approaching, so what are your Sunday plans? Do you dye eggs, cook and eat lots of mouth watering dishes, attend an Easter Sunday service, or something non-traditional? 

Easter, and spring in general, always brings forth feelings of happiness and a love of bright cheery pastels. I love seeing Easter displays in stores, with the myriad sorbet colors, soft cottony textures, and the requisite bunny or two. Of course my sweet tooth loves the sugary jelly beans, chocolate peanut butter eggs, and any number of homemade goodies that will inevitably pop up around me. I am trying to be extra good this week with my food, so I can really enjoy Mama's {that's billy's mom} homemade brunch, and the sweets The Mommy {that's my mom} will pile on me.

I still have to work on Easter, thus the life of a hairstylist who is only available two days a week, so I will be eating all day around my work schedule. Don't judge me! I plan on making some strawberry cupcakes, possibly going on a hilly bike ride with Matt early Sunday, enjoying brunch with family, working at the salon, and then of course enjoying Easter dinner.

Here are some pretty pictures from weheartit to get you into a springy mood and ready for Easter weekend!


  1. Hi *waves*
    I'm your newest follower!
    love your blog! so colorful!

  2. Your pics make me want to go to a tea party!

    Kris and I are going to church and then after we always do brunch at my grandmothers on Easter and she has these eggs that are filled with confetti and basically the whole family chases each other in the backyard to crack eggs on each others head. It gets pretty brutal.

  3. This pastels are fantastic! Especially the picture of the cupcakes!


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