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This photo cracked me up. 

And made me sort of miss watching The Hills. 

But only just a little.

What are your guilty pleasure shows?

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

Tonight I am having my {intelligent, handsome, musically inclined, great cooking, active, gainfully employed} friend Matt over for dinner. I am making my guilty pleasure pasta--a delicious and very grown up mac and cheese that is always a crowd pleaser, and we will be watching Black Swan. If you are interested, I might be able to convince Matt to let me take a photo or two of him throughout the night and create a little "personal ad"  to share with any of you who may be, or who may know, a single lady ;)

Because I love you that much.

I might even post the recipe for you to try, because it's that good.


  1. I never watched The Hills that much, but I'm totally addicted to The Real Housewives. I love New York and Beverly Hills.

    I LOVE homemade mac & cheese. Enjoy!

  2. hahaha sounds like the personal ad is already up! i got halfway through the adjectives and i was like "sold!"

  3. I miss The Hills and all of its silly drama too! Luckily other reality tv shows have filled the reality drama void for me! :)
    Jenn @ http://jamiffer.blogspot.com

  4. I loved The Hills!! and I love LC.

  5. Weird, I was thinking about The Hills the other day and how I wished it was still on!

    I'm interested to hear what you think of The Black Swan after you watch it

  6. I'm sold.
    please post his photo! :)
    I just came across your lovely little blog!
    I am going to hit the follow button!

    oh and ps. if you're interested, I am hosting a GIVEAWAY


  7. Glad to have found your blog!

    Sadly, I never did watch The Hills. My hubby can only stand so much reality TV :( I do enjoy The Bachelor (when it's on) and anything Kardashian.

    I really want to watch Black Swan! This weekend for sure!

    Can't wait for your recipe! I love mac and cheese!

  8. I just watched Black Swan the other night, it was rather terrifying but really good! Bring on the recipe, I loveeeeeeeee mac & cheese!


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