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Late night Monday

Hey dolls, hope you all had great weekends! 

My weekend was ridiculously busy and exhausting, but still pretty good. 

Things I learned this weekend:
~1st wedding of the season went off without a hitch
~A week of heavy physical activity followed by two 10 hour salon days makes me a tired girl
~9:30pm bedtime and 10 hours of sleep Sunday night and I'm still tired today
~Chava is healthy chocolate that tastes delicious and has 4x the amount of antioxidants of acai berries, more of the mood enhancing "love drug" than regular chocolate, and has a host of health benefits associated with eating it. I will be updating you all on that later ;)
~I am still very in love with my photo shoot of Nicole from Friday, it makes me happy anytime I see those pictures!

Sorry this is a sort of lame Monday post, I blame the sleepy state I have been in all day. Now to bed I go, I have a slight tickle in my throat and I don't want it to turn into a full blown cold, so sleep is in order for this girl!


  1. Noo don't get sick! Can't wait to hear more about this chocolate... Feel better!

  2. Did someone say chocolate? I have a very sensative chocolate radar. Chave chocolate..hmm..never heard of it but I will be researching it shortly.


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