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On Enjoying life, and Spring Break

Happy Friday darlings, I hope you have magical things planned for your weekend!

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it's all that matters." 
— Audrey Hepburn

Guess what? The kiddos I nanny for are heading to New York next week, so this working girl is actually getting a spring break this year! Spring break? What's that? Dolls, I haven't had a spring break since....2005, maybe? 

So....what do I do with it? I think I have mentioned in the past how I have a hard time relaxing and how much of a control freak I am, so naturally I have to create a list and structure my time off. I mean, I can't just plan on winging it each day, now can I?! Of course I will structure in some down time, don't you worry ;)

Monday: 8:30am run with Nicole, grocery shop, prepare meals for the week, leisurely bike ride with Billy, then go see "Your Highness" with him
Tuesday: 8-10am Swim & spin session at the gym, 1pm Hang with Tiffany, 4pm Bikram Yoga with Tiffany
Wednesday: 8:30am 4 mile hill run with Nicole, discover something inspiring, catch up on Biggest Loser/TV
Thursday: 8-11am Inside triathlon at the gym, read/veg all afternoon, hang out with Caroline
Friday: 8:30am Run with Nicole, possible bridal photo shoot using Nicole as model

Now, even though this looks structured, even I don't always stick to everything I plan. This is all very flexible and tentative, meaning I can change activities around, or just not do them at all if I start to feel like my "stay-cation" isn't very relaxing. What do you guys like to do when you have time off? I was really trying to plan an actual "get out of town" vacation, but that's just not in the financial cards, so this will how to do. 


  1. That is soo nice. Sounds like you have yourself a pretty productive week off. Enjoy!!

  2. I didn't have any "get out of town" time in my spring break either, and it worked out just fine. Sometimes the best parts of a vacation from work are the ones spent just hanging out, reading, or watching movies. I call it "Meredith time." Have a wonderful, wonderful spring break from work!

  3. I personally enjoy stay-cations. You get so much accomplished and feel relaxed not travelling anywhere. Plus the bank account stays more intact!

    Enjoy your spring break!


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