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On Learning to Live

Whew, this has been one busy week for me lovelies! I'm sorry I took a hiatus because the only time I was home I was sleeping, so there was no time for blogging. As busy as I was, I still missed you guys!!! I haven't even been able to keep up with my G reader, so while I didn't blog, you all sure did and I have 86+ new posts to get to!! 

You guys, this week I added a 3rd gig to my already considerable work schedule. I babysat for one of the cutest kids ever, Sean, who I used to nanny for over four years ago. I watched him Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 7am-2pm, and Wednesday I did hair and makeup for a music video shoot for 12 hours. Let's just say that getting up at 5:30am for four days in a row killed me. I was in bed before 9pm each night, and still exhausted when I woke up. I am so thankful my weekday job starts in the afternoon, and I have my mornings to myself! 

Things I learned this week:
~I really, really missed my hubby this week. We basically slept in the same bed, but didn't see each other at all for the most part. There has been some major cuddling and close proximity sitting today. 

~SPF 30 covered by a full face of makeup will not protect your skin for 12 hours. My sun burn says hello.

~Wayfarer style sunglasses are so in right now; you would have though the music video was sponsored by Ray Ban or something. I wore them too ;)

~I really want a British Fascinator headband hat thingy.

~I love that Billy bought this shirt in black for me to wear on Saturday to rep my love for Georges St. Pierre on UFC 129 fight day, but I was never home when my apartment office was open so I didn't get to pick it up, and now can't wear it tomorrow!!

~Due to the crazy hours I worked, I haven't been able to work out. I got in a light arm workout on Monday, but nothing since them. I was so happy to have the afternoon off from my regular nanny job today, and took advantage of the beautiful weather and the sunlight to get in a 22 mile bike ride with Matt. It was my second time riding the cupcake, and the longest ride I have ever ridden, and it was great! It made me so happy to be out doing something athletic.

~I infected my computer with horrid viruses in a hot minute after clicking on a picture of a hairstyle from a Google image search I did for inspiration. Billy fixed it for me, but I couldn't believe how quickly you can ruin your computer just by doing a simple images search for innocent stuff! 

And of course, your Friday Audrey quote, late but worth the wait!
"I have learnt how to live…how to be in the world and of the world, and not just to stand aside and watch." 


  1. I adore Wayfarers!!I got a similar pair a few years back and my friends said I would tire of them but I haven't!!So I am ready ot splurge on the real thing haha!!!

    Make sure you get a good rest...sounds like a rather hectic week!!

  2. I just found your blog. I am now going to follow. I am very happy I found your blog because reading yours has made my afternoon even more filled with sunshine!


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