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Spring Break Monday woo hoo!

Well hello, dolls! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, I know I did! Work was good, not too busy, but not as slow as the previous, which mean dolla dolla bills y'all haha I kid ;)

Since it's a beautiful Monday, you know what that means! 
Head on over and link up with Meg and start mingling!

Hope you enjoyed one of my rare Saturday posts, those are few and far between, and should be high quality, but sadly, are not. This weekend was great on so many levels, so I am bringing back:

What I learned this weekend:
~Brand new bikes are fantastic {no I haven't ridden the cupcake yet, but I have plans to this week!}

~Impromptu socialization with friends you rarely see brings out the best in Billy and myself.
~Nite Owl Cookies was hands down the best Saturday night decision I have made in a long time.
 3 dozen freshly baked cookies were delivered to our friends' door,
Ice cream sandwiches as well! This is a Tar Heel
 {chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cookies}
~Getting together with other MMA lovers to watch the Strikeforce fights makes it less boring.
~The ref for the main card had the most wicked handlebar mustache I have ever seen. Epic! We joked that it looked like he had taken a bite of a basset hound and had the floppy ears hanging out his mouth. What do you think of his crazy facial hair?
~My mother-in-law also known an Mama, makes the best rum cake. I finally asked her for the recipe, and I think I will be attempting it sometime soon. Maybe even as a cupcake, or a tequila cake version with lime buttercream, so many possibilities!
~I'm trying to go low carb this week in an effort to undo the cookie eating from this weekend, it's just so hard to stay away from all the yummy things I could bake with my free time this week!
~The Naked and Famous are playing a free show in San Jose on Thursday, and I can't wait to go!

My first draft of what I plan on doing this week has already been rearranged! Here's my next draft, hopefully it will work out better than the first did.

Monday: AM workout with Tiffany, worked shoulders and did 20 mins on the stair mill. Grocery shopping, meal planning and prep. PM Catch up on TV, cook chicken, tofu and veggie stir fry for dinner
Tuesday: AM Inside tri at the gym, put in Tiffany's extensions and hang out before Bikram Yoga, then bike ride with Matt and Billy in the evening. Make Billy a turkey burger and me stuffed pepper filling for dinner.
Wednesday: AM run with Nicole, collect hair and makeup ideas & figure out concept for Friday's shoot, veg on couch in the PM, make garlic and lime grilled chicken for dinner.
Thursday: AM swim and spin workout at the gym, The Naked and Famous Concert in the afternoon, visit Caroline and her menagerie of animals in the PM, make chicken and black bean stuffed burritos for dinner.
Friday: Am run with Nicole, hair and makeup for photo shoot, make lemon roasted chicken breasts with green beans for dinner. 


  1. you are one busy lady! Also that ice cream sandwich looks soooo good

  2. Those cookies look yummy and I'm downloading that song pronto, I love it!

  3. Congrats on the bike!! So exciting! I remember the first time I took my bike out for a spin... I was scared but it didn't take long to get used to her.

    Those ice cream sandwiches look so good! I need to stop baking as I am just eating it all. Food baby needs to go!!


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