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Tri Inside Tuesday!

I did it again! I completed as much as I could of a triathlon inside!

I found this photo, and it's so inspirational! 

It's been two weeks since I was in the pool. Much too long at this point in the game. I was surprised that I was able to conquer my goal of 1,000 yards {40 laps} in 35 minutes. I alternated swimming 4 laps with a foam pool boy, then 4 laps without until I hit 30 laps, then did the last 10 without. The tri will only require 870 yards, or a half mile.

Tuesday spin class was awesome! Therese is a fantastic instructor, despite what some people may say about her  pausing the music between songs to give direction. Whatev, I still got my butt kicked. I had 70 minutes on the bike total, so probably 12-13 miles, real close to my 14 mile tri length.

I was dreading the treadmill portion, but I had a lot of energy still, so I was game. I had the best playlist set up for the run, and it gave me the motivation to keep going even when things got tough. I started at about 9:30min/mile for the first mile, then bumped it to 9min/mile, then 8min/mile at 2.5mile mark, and finally sprinted at 7min/mile for the last .10. I finished in about 27:30, which is pretty close to where I want to be on race day. 

I got my first gym injury today! Thankfully it wasn't serious. I just pinched my finger in my water bottle pop top as I closed it, and made myself bleed for a bit. I'm sort of proud, while being totally embarrassed!

My playlist had me doing a treadmill dance party along the likes of those MeGo writes about and consisted of 
Black Eyed Peas--The Time (Dirty Bit)
Katy Perry ft. Kanye West--E.T.
Black Eyed Peas--Meet Me Halfway
Britney Spears--Till the World Ends
Chris Brown ft: Lil Wayne & Swiss Beatz--I Can Transform Ya 
The Naked and Famous--All of This
The Naked and Famous--Girls Like You

What are YOU doing today?


  1. Damn girl, you are hardcore! Now I totally want to hit the gym but I can't till my tattoo heals! ARGH!

  2. Right ON!!! Way to go! I did a version of that a couple of weeks ago, but really bailed on the run...i didn't even get to a mile and i was toast. Good job Adrian!!!

  3. I just decided that I am signing up for a triathalon this summer in the Bahamas. I have a lot of training to do. I did work out hard today... I did zumba, which I love and I am on week 3 of the c25k program. I am already sore so I guess I worked out hard. Happy almost hump day.

  4. I am so envious of your indoor tri workouts!! What a great idea!!!

    I haven't been in the pool in a couple months (hangs head in shame). I really need to get back into it!!

    I miss spin class too- just a butt-kicking workout. It's so much harder to motivate yourself to workout hard when you are by yourself.

    I NEED that "I am making myself..." poster!!!

    Thanks for posting those songs- I need to revamp my half marathon playlist for this weekend.


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