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Weekend update, Happy Girl edition

Happy Monday lovelies!
I hope your weekend was awesome, and you got a chance to be out if the weather was nice, and relaxed either way. Hope you are ready to mingle, because Meg is hosting her lovely blog hop Mingle Monday! Head on over there to link up and check out some new blogs.

 I had an interesting weekend, and instead of doing a 10 things I learned this weekend, I would like to give you a little recap! Tell me which you prefer, because recaps tend to get a little lengthy!

Saturday at the salon was awesome. I got to see a bunch of friends and cut off tons of hair from two of them. One of the perks of being a hairstylist is that most of my friends see me for their hair needs. It's totally a catch up session along with a beautifying session for them! Katie even sent me photo of her new cut that evening when she was on her way to a Pow Wow themed party, so cute!

My Saturday night was rocking. 
In the I was an anti-social hermit who instead of going out for drinks at the awesome speak easy themed bar Single Barrel, seeing a movie with my hubby and brother in law, or having dinner with any of the above, I finished season 1 of Modern Family, started season 2 {I'm obsessed}, and baked a cake {which fell apart and made my tummy hurt} instead of eating a proper dinner. 
Because I am 7. 
Or 57. 
Depends on which part of the night you talked to me.

I also input all of my miscellaneous receipts from the salon and business expenses into my 2011 tax document, and then filed everything away in my filing box. How's that for being responsible? 
Again, it was a real rocking night.

Sunday morning I got a call from my one client asking to reschedule her appointment for the following week. So I had an unplanned weekend day off, a huge rarity! I took advantage of the beautiful weather we were blessed with, and also checked out a new gym's grand opening.

First, I checked out the new location of the American Kickboxing Academy {AKA for any of you MMA fans out there} and it was gorgeous! The facility is huge, and it has a ton of practice and training rooms, unlike the other location in San Jose that is known as the "stinky gym". After my tour, I waited in line for 2 hours so I could snap a few photos of some awesome fighters, and get their autographs, including Cain Velasquez, the UFC heavyweight champion. I am such a fangirl! Yes, those are my own pink gloves, and I have trained in them ;) I just need to shadow box frame my gloves and the signed picture card now!
{Hershel Walker, Cung Le, Cain Velasquez, Kyle Rockwell, Justin Wilcox, Jon Fitch, Josh Thomson and more!}

After getting sunburned from the wait in line, I headed home, changed and met up with Brandon, one of my bestie's husbands for a bike ride. We attempted the tri route again to see if we could sneak through the IBM campus gate without being turned around. We were successful! After my very first time riding up the killer beast hill on this route, I have been able to sit the whole thing without walking my bike, which I think is pretty awesome. Brandon {the experienced cyclist who has ridden for years and even done RAGBRAI, the ride across Iowa several times} was unable to ride the whole thing and walked his bike a bunch. Is it mean that I felt a stunning superiority while I waited for him to catch up? I guess my training is doing it's job! We ended up doing about 15 miles in a little over an hour, and I was so happy with my Sunday afternoon ride.

Sunday evening Billy and I headed over to his folks' house for dinner and watched Tangled, which was cute! I love going to my in-laws house, they are the best and I like hanging with my fam bam. Tyler, my 2 year old nephew is freaking adorable. Just look at this non-posed photo and tell me otherwise.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful and productive weekend. I have been wanting to get a bike...it's on my to-do list. Your nephew is precious!

  2. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend! I am jealous of your warm, sunny weather...we got a tonne of snow, which means no bike rides outside for me

  3. Stopping by from Mingle Monday! Sounds like a fab weekend! Enjoy the sunshine, all we've had is rain up here in the Pacific Northwest :(


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