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1st blogger meet up Friday!

It's still Friday in my timezone, Pacific Standard Time, so I figured I can say: 

Happy Friday!!

In lieu of an Audrey quote, here is a little look at my very cool day!

And oooh boy, it has been a wonderful Friday! I had my very first blogger meet up today with the lovely Megan of Watch MeGo Run! Take a minute after you read this post to visit her blog, you will be ever the more inspired to run your tushy off!

She is in San Francisco for the 100th annual Bay to Breakers race on Sunday, so I went up to the city to meet her and Ryan, her boyfriend, for lunch and a tour around Pier 39. We had lunch at Chowder's, and of course it was clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl. Then we got dessert crepes, yum! I know Megan loves taking pictures, and so do I, so here are a few from today!
1st photo together!
Megan and Ryan in front of Alcatraz, I labeled it for you
Let us show you Alcatraz!
Megan and Ryan with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Happily fed after yummy chowder and crepes
Meg and I in our Wayfarer glasses just before parting
It was INCREDIBLY windy today.
 Hope you enjoyed my little photo recap of my great first blogger meet up! Megan and I may have a second rendezvous on Sunday before she leaves San Francisco, but it is all dependent on the weather....really! I have a photo shoot scheduled for Sunday afternoon, and if it rains we are scrapping it, so I would be available to go to SF and see my new BBFF!!! 
{for anyone who has forgotten, BBFF is Blogger Best Friend Forever}

Doesn't this convince you that you need to be my next blogger meet up? 
San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Jose??

 Have a great weekend darlings!


  1. Adrian, I love seeing both of you recap your day together! So fun!
    Now, what's this about vegas? Are you doing the run in december?? I have been considering going...let me know and we would definitely have to meet up!!

  2. Omg if you guys are both there in December I may die. I want to go soooo badly. I love the pics, you are the best photographer/tour guide/welcome person ever!


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