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I have a special treat for all of you lovely ladies!! Another friend named Matt has asked me to see what I can do for him in the relationship department. As you all know from the first Matt I "pimped out", I very much enjoy helping my friends find love, or at least new friendships. To dispel any confusion, we shall now call the first Matt, Bike Matt, and this new Matt, Fireman Matt. 
A little bit about Fireman Matt: He lives in Santa Cruz, CA, a gorgeous little beach town, and works at Costco as an optician with my husband, thus the connection {he has full benefits, very good hourly wage, scheduled bonuses, and a 401k, bam!}. He has completed fire academy and is currently in paramedic school, hoping to be picked up by a fire station very soon. He is 28, and I think Polish or of other eastern European descent. 

He is tall, over 6 feet, and very broad through the shoulders and upper body. He leads an active life and takes very good care of himself, whether it's his daily gym sessions, hikes, occasional surf session, or the clean eating diet he follows. He also does not drink, ever. He even has "straight edge for life" tattooed on his inner wrists. I believe there is a story behind that, and it has something to do with losing some friends at a young age to drunk driving or other mishap. Other tattoos include a Chinese dragon on his calf/shin, spades on his triceps and a skull with butterfly wings on his back. He has a soft side, you see ;)
Fireman Matt, like Bike Matt, loves hockey. However, Fireman Matt LOVES the Philadelphia Flyers. He plays a little hockey every now and then, usually goalie, but also other positions when he doesn't feel like bringing all the goalie gear. Aside from hockey, he is a sports fan in general, and likes the San Francisco Giants and 49ers, among other teams. Other hobbies are video games, and words with friends, xgetradicalx, if you feel like playing with him.
I consider Fireman Matt a little on the quiet or reserved side, but he opens up and is very friendly once you get to know him. Billy says that if you give him a Red Bull, he is quite the chatterbox. Matt used to be a hairstylist before he began pursuing optician and fireman stuff. Hairstyling runs in his family, as his brother owns his own salon, where Matt worked for a bit. From what I know, Matt seems to be a family guy, or at least never complains about his family. He is even comfortable around babies, as he has some nieces and/or nephews that he hangs out with.
He also cleans up nicely if you want to have some man candy on your arm.

Now, if you are a lovely single lady and are interested in Matt, please let me know!!


  1. haha aww you are too sweet and too funny with this. and he seems like sweetheart - good luck!

  2. A man in uniform gets me every time!! Cuuuteee!!!

    I'm still married though...

  3. I'll take one please! Good thing you know your friends well Adrian, he's all mine now and I am quite a lucky girl :)

  4. I'll take one please! Good thing you know your friends well Adrian, he's all mine now and I am quite a lucky girl :)


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