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It's been awhile.

Hi gals, I missed you! I'm sorry I haven't written much this week, it's been hectic. I guess my blog is the first thing to go when I cram in as many workouts as possible, which translates to every morning, and still try to maintain a social life by meeting up with friends every afternoon before I head off to work. By the time I'm off work in the evening, I have errands to run, dinner to cook {hah, barely cooked this week!} and then I become one with the couch and just veg out instead of doing anything productive before a late bedtime. 

Some highlights of this past weekend and this week include:

~Meeting a new photographer and styling a genuine 5'11" Russian model's hair for a photo shoot
All photos copyright Made of Beautiful photography

~Boogie on the Bayou festival in downtown Campbell where my salon is located {good: tons of people to watch and things to check out, bad: no parking for my clients}
~No work on Monday or Thursday afternoon 
{you would think I would have had more time to blog, but no!}

~Riding my triathlon bike route twice, and bringing down my time on both. I took off 10 minutes on my first ride this week. The second ride was after a swim and with my new clip-less pedals, but I caught so many red lights it evened me out and made me only 1 minute faster than the previous ride.

~First open water swim! It was far more challenging than a swimming pool, and the wetsuit was cumbersome, which made things difficult, but I did it!
~Attending my first bike maintenance class and learning how to change a flat tire. Also, learning that my bike can fit in the backseat of my 2 door Honda Civic, say whaaaat?! One of the few times me being a shorty has really paid off. I will be getting a bike rack eventually, but this worked in a pinch. But boo for getting chain grease on my beige seat...anyone know how to get that out?
~Making this recipe "healthier" with whole wheat flour and Splenda. It looked great, and I ate more than I should have, which is the way I am with any baked good, but once I pulled myself away from the tempting treat, I realized I didn't like it all that much. I will attempt it again, but stick to the recipe to see if it's better.
~Erasure's "Always" is very easily attached to your brain. Do not play the awesome and easily addicting game Robot Unicorn Attack, or else you will be singing this little diddy for a week. Trust me ;) But if you want to hear the song and see a cheesy video, here you go!


  1. A) That model is stunning! Love the hair :)

    B) Well done on the bike times!

    C) Open water swimming in a wetsuit is totally different--well done!

  2. What are your thoughts on coming to wisconsin and being my personal, daily hair and makeup artist? You'd be well compensated in any kind of cupcake you'd like, and THE cupcake would have a beautiful home with a view on my front porch.

  3. OMG OMG OMG! I love that song, mostly because it brings back fond memories from college. We used to play the song after a late night at the bar and dance around the living room. Note - it was two girls and SIX guys dancing and singing to this!

    You. Made. My. Day!

  4. I am so behind in reading blogs!

    You have been busy! Great job on all your workouts-you're are excused for neglecting your bloggy friends! Haha I kid.

    Yikes that sucks about the grease on your beige seat. Do your seats flip down? My Honda civic had folding seats but it was before I had my bike but I imagine it would have fit better back there. Of course if your seats don't flip down this doesn't help you! Probably bike degreaser would get it out but definitely test it first before using it on a visible part of your fabric.

    Nice wetsuit! They are annoying but it's amazing how buoyant they make you!


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