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Love in the afternoon

This is Lexie, one of my best friends since high school. She's a travel nut, and I like to live vicariously through her as she travels the world and experiences new cultures and adventures. I am stuck here in California, doing my thing as a hairstylist and nanny, firmly rooted in my career, home, and life. I don't have the option to spend 10 months living in New Zealand working at a ski resort, volunteer at an orphanage in Cambodia for 6 weeks while visiting Vietnam and Thailand, spend the summer working as a cocktail waitress on a Greek island and take weekend jaunts around Europe, or apply to masters programs in Scotland and Whales so I can be closer to my long distance Scottish boyfriend. No, that's Lexie's job {and only a small sample of her extensive travel experiences}

It's also her job to say "yes of course!" when I ask her to model for me and let me take her long flowing red mane and turn it into tight copper ringlets, put more makeup on her than she wears in a week, and throw her out in a field of awful allergy inducing weeds so I can take pictures of her in all the things from my closet that I would like to, but have never worn. And that was a run on sentence, even with the abundance commas. 

I couldn't narrow it down to just a handful of photos to share, so I made collages so I could show you tons. Hope that's OK with you all. 

Who wants to volunteer to be my next victim model? 


  1. Ooo! Ooo! I want to be your next model! Beautiful!!

  2. some really amazing photos. You are great at taking photos!!!!
    also quite jealous of her job. I would love to travel a lot.

  3. Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous! If only my hair could be transformed into ringlets like that. I dream of that day! (I have stick straight hair that doesn't like to hold a curl, even in the best weather.)

  4. Wow- can I have Lexie's job?? Sounds like a dream come true!!

    She is so beautiful! I would totally be your next victim/model but the distance might make it difficult!


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