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Mellow Monday

Happy happy happy Monday lovelies! I hope you all had a splendid weekend and were able to shower your moms with praise and affection for your up bringing, and if you are a mom, you were also shown some love! 

As usual I am thrilled it is my typical mellow Monday, having had a very busy weekend complete with the beautifying of a sweet bridal party, and a wedding trial on top of my usual salon load. If you aren't feeling as chipper as I am about the end of your weekend, head on over to Life of Meg for Mingle Monday, read a few new to you blogs, and find some cheer! Meg never fails to put a smile on my face, and I know she won't let you down! {PS, not up yet, but check back later, she will probably have it up soon!}

I was given the Versatile blog award by the lovely Lu3Lu of Luelus crossing! Thanks girl, that is so sweet!
Since I have already received and doled out this award, I want anyone who hasn't received it to grab it for themselves! You are all versatile bloggers and deserve some recognition!

A few random facts about me + What I learned this weekend:
~I am good at copying things, but don't consider myself originally creative. 
~I really like wearing my jeans cuffed. I like to show off my shapely ankles. In another time, I would probably be stoned for this blatant display of sexuality. 
~While not being originally creative, I get random bursts of creativity where I imagine myself more creative than I am, but don't realize this until I am halfway through a failed craft or project. The craft graveyard in my storage closet is ridiculous. Currently talking myself down from wanting to attempt making fascinator clips, headbands and hats. Etsy is full of them, no need for me to make more.
~I like to face the outside of the bed when I am falling asleep, so I usually end up on my right side.
~I really want to meet my sweet blog friends. You guys give me the best encouragement and put a smile on my face all the time with your comments, it would be awesome to have some of you as "in real life" friends!
~Anyone up for a West Coast blogger meet up? 
~My 1st bride of the season ALREADY sent me professional photos!! I did her hair, isn't she a doll? Also, hot bridesmaids! 


  1. I am up for a west coast blogger meet! Let's do it!

  2. ummm i still think we should meet up when i'm there this weekend lady!!!!

  3. I'm the same way-- I get good ideas about creative projects but then realize that I can't make them as pretty. So, I don't finish them. Haha. And her hair looks gorgeous!!


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