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Mundane Monday

Wooo boy am I glad it's Monday!! This was a wonderful, but very busy weekend for me, I certainly hope the same for you lovely ladies!
As I mentioned on Friday, Megan from Watch MeGo Run was in San Francisco this weekend. I got to go up to Sf to visit her a second time on Sunday. I brought the elusive Billy along with me this time, and we had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory in Union Square. We also realized that there is a Burger Bar also in Union Square, which just happens to be Billy's favorite Las Vegas restaurant. I now have ample leverage to get him back into SF in the future. Megan and Ryan were just as sweet and charming on second meeting as they had been the first time around. I was just too happy to have been able to meet up with one of my awesome blog friends. I haven't uploaded all the epic pictures from our second meet up, so that will be another post later.
What I learned this weekend:
~Even "experienced" bakers have batch failures occasionally
~Sometimes you just have to make a second bath of cupcakes when the first isn't quite right
~But give those failed cupcakes a day to dry out a bit and they are delicious!
~Cupcakes make a suitable lunch when you are already deep into a weekend of deliciously bad eating
~non-Californians tend to be nicer than a lot of Californians
~Prom is still as big of a deal as ever to high school girls
~3 days of bad eating had me itching for a run this morning
~I have 4 weeks until my 1st triathlon {yikes!!! how'd it sneak up on me?!}
~The next 3 weeks are going to be very selfish ones, as I will be focusing on last minute training to make sure I am ready for the triathlon
Remember it's a party over at Meg's, link up for Mingle Monday!


  1. Wow!! A triathlon? Lots of luck with the training for that :-) Fingers corssed for the event!

    I am currently working hard to start fixing a knee problem so my sporty days are behind me I think. Silly cartilige!

  2. I've been SERIOUSLY slacking in the running/working out department. I need to fix that starting tonight!

  3. Good luck with training! And what about cupcakes for breakfast too?

  4. Darn it! 8 hate it when the occasional baking item doesn't turn out well!! I'm dying to workout too - What a crazy food-filled weekend!! Xoxo


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