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Vacation, all I ever wanted!

Guess what? I want to go on a vacation. What's that? I had a "stay-cation" a few week ago and all I did was workout? Yeah, I know, I gotta live a little. 

Some vacations that are so very tempting right now are:
A Southern California getaway
~A stop in Santa Barbera {never been, looks awesome!}

~Universal Studios lot/set tour

~Disneyland, downtown Disney and California Adventure {haven't been since I was 8!}

~Hollywood walk of fame, Grauman's Chinese Theater

~Sunny San Diego for some relaxing beach time

Las Vegas adult play time getaway
One of my favorite places ever!
{I'm going on a work trip in July, but I want to go sooner!}

~Stay in a plush hotel with a super comfy bed and fun amenities

~See fun shows like Peepshow and Crazy Horse Paris

~Eat at lots of fabulous restaurants like Burger Bar, one of our favorites :) and Serendipity 3

~Check out all of the pretty hotels decor and attractions 

~And Billy wants to go to the Gun Store....such a guy!

What kind of vacation are you dreaming of today?


  1. Ok if you insist... I will come with you. Anywhere! I LOVE Vegas too! :)

  2. Now you've made me want to go on holiday :-) I would love to go to San Diego!! Vegas is definitly a favourite of mine!

  3. I'm going to the Bahamas and L.A. next month! I can't wait to get away.

  4. I really want to go on vacation too. I have been dying to just get away to somewhere so cool, and remote and exotic... much like the places you put up.

  5. I wish we could just snap our fingers, pause time, and take an extended vacation. Wouldn't that be nice?

  6. Visiting from a belated Mingle Monday. I'm dreaming of my scheduled vacation to Europe this summer! And also kind of avoiding doing practical planning...I am overwhelmed!

  7. I've never been to Vegas but am DYING to go!! And now SoCal sounds good too. Anywhere but my office sounds good right about now though. Lol.


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