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In the Sunshine

A few months back I had the distinct pleasure of joining forces again with my movie magic friends in Element 151, to work on a music video for an up and coming local band, Ab & the Sea. The day arrived, and I had a lot of fun doing hair, makeup, and styling wardrobe on set. I even made a few rare appearances in the video, on the other side of the camera than I usually like to be. Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone! Look for me laughing in Wayfarer glasses, riding the cruiser bike, dancing by the VW van, and getting licked in the face by a big old Boxer dog. Yeah, that happened on film.

The song is amazingly catchy, effervescent, and perfect for summer. There is no possible way you are not bobbing your head and singing along to the chorus when you listen to it. The band was incredibly humble and easy to work with on set, which made the day go so well. I couldn't have asked for a better 2nd music video experience. I truly wish the best for Ab & the Sea, they are definitely going places!

Today the music video for "In the Sunshine" dropped on iTunes, and it BLEW UP! As I write this the video has about 500 views on youtube, which is something for a local band on the day they release a new video! All day long on twitter and Facebook the band and production company were posting write ups and commentary from blogs and sites about how great the song and video are.

'If Vampire Weekend went power-pop, I bet it would sound a lot like "In the Sunshine"'- Popservations

'The clip features the band playing out the "perfect summer" filled with cute girls in bathing suits, sports on the beach, ice-cream and of course a catchy, poppy and hook ridden tune.' - Filter Magazine 

'And with the recent heat wave enticing the Bay Area, “In the Sunshine” may be the new “school’s out for summer” anthem.'- The Owl Mag 

' Last week we  said it could be the local summer jam of the year. After a few more days with the song, watching the video, and observing the reaction to both, we're just gonna go ahead and say it could be the summer jam of the year, period.'- S.F. Weekly

Poppy, exuberant, and really catchy, AB & the Sea released a new video today for their brand new single.  It’s hard to turn it off.'- Music Savage

I am so incredibly happy to have been a part of this production process and I can't wait to see what all of you think! Tell all of your friends, share the video link on your blogs, Facebook and twitter. Let's get the video for "In the Sunshine" viral!!


  1. Cute video! You are adorable in it! I also spotted Holly Johnson, hehe. Good job on the styling.

  2. that's awesome! you all look so cute!

  3. That's so awesome! Love the styling-- everyone looks so great.

  4. I love everything about this band and this song! This is so going on my Itunes... You did a good job and I'm totally jelly that you got to be in a cool music video!


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