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Wedding kit must haves for hair

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As you have probably gathered from my random drops of information that I am a hair and makeup artist. You might even have figured out that I do a lot of weddings. If not, well then, now you know!
Photos via weheartit.com, collage by moi
I have a very large kit of things that MUST go on location with me to each wedding I work. I drag around a suitcase and a smaller travel bag, {matching of course, but atrociously ugly} that are stuffed full of tools, styling products, brushes, and a myriad assortment of things. If I had to narrow down my kit and only bring a handful of items with me to style a wedding party's hair, these would be them.

Kevin Murphy styling products that are perfect for any style: 
1} Session.Spray
 This hairspray is amazing and can be layered to create quite an impressive hold, or used sparingly for a light touchable feel.
2} Fresh.Hair dry cleaning spray
Awesome for absorbing excess oil on the scalp, giving the hair a fresh scent if for instance the bride was at a restaurant the evening before and smells like food, and is a great foundation for back combing. 
3} Full.On protection
Great for heat protection as well as has some hold. I use it before I curl the hair
4} Powder.Puff
This fancy little dust creates the best volume and grip near the scalp. You shake it on the roots of the hair, tousle with your fingers, and style. Creates mad volume.

Photos via Google search, collage by moi
Bobby pins and hair pins, for updos and stray hairs
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2 curling irons, 1" and 1.25" I use marcel handled irons because I'm fancy like that, but the traditional thumb tong irons work just as well.
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Rat tail comb for teasing and separating the hair
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A multi outlet extension cord. Because you never know where you will be working, or just how far away from an outlet you will be.
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And there you have it, the smallest kit I would need in order to properly do hair for a wedding party!

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