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Another Monday

...has come and gone! 

This weekend was filled with fitness competitions, bikini girls, early mornings, late evenings, an amazing cheat meal at Gordon Biersch brewery, lots of clients at the salon on Sunday, and ended with my feet swelling enormously and me wanting to go to bed at 10pm. 

Here are the rest of the competition {read: Nicole} pictures
Nicole and her bf Jason
Super model stunna
Freshly touched up before finals
Nicole with Tifffany, my bestie and Nicole's trainer, and Tom, Tiffany's hubby
Nicole working it on stage
Nicole stunning the crowd
Nicole and her "competition"
Side view
These were the top 3 {sadly Nicole didn't place} Billy and I know the girl in the center, who is one of Billy's sister's sorority sisters. The girl on the right in green won 1st place

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  1. Dang, I wish my body looked like that! But it would be a lot of work and I'd have to give up chips :( Haha


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