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Holiday weekend recap

Well hello again lovelies!! 

I am posting from my brand spanking new Acer laptop, a present from Billy and his dad, Willy, on the 4th of July. I know, I know, it was America's birthday, not mine, but I will obviously appreciate it more than 'Merica will. And I needed it. Cat hair clogged fans short CPUs. I said it was like the laptop equivalent of cardiac arrest. 

I'm still trying to get used to the keyboard and the new layout. It's wider than my HP, and prettier too. Hopefully having a fully functioning laptop means I will be posting a little more regularly. I miss having most of the day off for myself. Even starting work at 12:30pm is a total cramp on my free time. Wah, cry you a river, right?! I'm so spoiled with my weekday schedule, its disgusting.

So, the holiday weekend! Saturday was full of salon clients, and Sunday started out as a bridal trial only, then I had two last minute call in haircuts, which I gladly obliged. Sunday evening we spent over at Billy's folks' house, where I was tempted by homemade peach pie and Mama's fabulous rum cake. My 2 1/2 year old nephew Tyler "helped" her make it, and he spilled some rum, so he had to add more. It smelt delicious. 

Monday I got up and went to the gym, which was surprisingly packed. Billy and I got a call from his brother-in-law and dad saying they were at Frys, which was having a big sale, and they wanted to buy me a new laptop. Well, certainly you can! We hurried over to Frys, approved the laptop, and we all headed over to the folks for some 4th family time. I decided that I would go a little crazy off my clean eating diet by enjoying some hint of lime tortilla chips with homemade nacho fixings, Doritos {which, I am not a huge fan of, but the MSG told me otherwise}, half a tuna sandwich on Wonder bread {ultimate white flour indulgence right there}, and some of my favorite rum cake. I was quickly shown that my system had adapted to my clean eating ways, and was forced into an unpleasant food coma that had to be remedied with a nap and some fetal position. I cleaned it up for dinner, but had peach pie and ice cream for dessert. We watched movies, I played with my laptop, and we all just sort of hung around and enjoyed the neighborhood fireworks. 

I am sorely regretting all of those food indiscretions today. I have been craving sugar and carbs big time, and boy is it harder to say no! Lesson learned. 
All photos via weheartit.com
I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend! 


  1. Oh Adrian, your blogs always make me smile... Keep up the great work! I can't imagine giving up carbs- we are best friends and I don't think I would live... :) Glad you had a good weekend- and congrats on the new computer- that's awesome!!

  2. ooh those hint of lime chips are crazy addicting! it's so much easier staying away isn't it?! but-you need to enjoy a little pie every once in a while!

  3. Yay for a new computer!! I don't think you can be blamed for those chips...or any of those other foods really. They all have something addicting to them and taste soooo good! But glad you're feeling better :D


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