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This past Saturday I had a friend make my day when the first thing she proclaims upon walking into my house is "OMG, you are so SKINNY!"

When she set her panini press down and I promptly gave her the biggest hug I could and told her "thank you, it's been soooo hard, I really appreciate that!" 
It's the little things, gals, truly.

We then had a very healthy, though calorie dense cheat meal of grilled chicken, roasted red pepper and zucchini with mozzarella cheese, basil and tomato paninis on whole wheat sourdough. It was divine. I also happened to find Virgil's Zero root beer at Whole Foods, so I had a zero calorie soda with dinner, a definite treat as I never drink soda, even diet sodas. 

Now I must report on the sugar-free marshmallows and low carb rice crispy treats as I made those for my cheat dessert. Well, the marshmallow recipe totally worked! They looked like marshmallows and tasted enough like marshmallows to do the trick. They are not totally sugar free though, just no added sugar. The sweetness comes from agave syrup, which has lots of natural sugar in it, and made me VERY HYPER all evening.
Marshmallows set up in the pan overnight, coated in corn starch. 
Shaking the excess corn starch off the cut marshmallows
Now, for the low carb crispies, the rice puff cereal I bought made for soggy rice treats, rather than crisp. I don't even know if there is a brown rice equivalent of Rice Krispies, but it probably would have worked better. Adding the toasted slivered almonds was a GREAT idea, and it made them a little crunchier. I, being the sweets addict, loved the treats even though they were sub-par for a dessert, and had way more than I should have. I ended up dumping over half the batch in the trash, along with the rest of the marshmallows, and having Billy take them outside to the dumpster so I wouldn't finish the whole thing myself, or want to eat them tomorrow. That's how bad I am with sweets.
Melting the mallows with 3T butter
Adding the toasted almonds, mmmm!
Pressed into a pan to cool....and get soggy.
Oh, and I do NOT suggest using this marshmallow recipe for s'mores. The marshmallow will quickly melt, rather than expand and get soft, and the chocolate will still be hard instead of gooey. I also do not suggest trying to make s'mores with 100% Ghiradelli unsweetened chocolate bars. They taste oh so bad, as obviously there is no sugar involved in the making. I would probably have liked it more with a Russel Stover sugar-free dark chocolate truffle candy instead of the Ghiradelli square.
So promising!!!
Marshmallow melting fail.
Can you tell I am a little food obsessed right now? 

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  1. Love that you got that comment! Your hard work is paying off! Whoop hoop!


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