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My dog ate....

Let's play a little game, shall we? It's called "my dog ate what?!" The object of the game is to figure out what it was that Marlo has now eaten, as she seems to have a love for chewing up many random non-food products. 
Today, Marlo ate/chewed up:
A) chapstick and/or lipstick
B) a tube of demi-permanent hair color
C) a dog toy
D) plastic do-hickey of some sort
E) Her bed
If you guessed any of the above, you would have been right at some point, because she has in fact chewed on or eaten everything listed. However, I was very concerned today when I came home and let her out of her crate to see that she was covered in brown spots, other than the her regular spotted fur.  My first guess was dirt, or poop, so I immediately went to her crate to see if she messed inside. Nope, no poop. Instead, I found a mangled up, half full tube of demi-permanent hair color that I had on the table at one point this week. It had been chewed on, so there were puncture holes in the tube, and hair color had leaked out, which is what stained Marlo's fur, paws and tongue. I called my vet, and he asked about the ingredients, to which I replied there were no ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, as it wasn't a permanent die, and said she was over 40lbs. He also asked about how much she ate, which I knew wasn't a lot because the tube hadn't been even half full, and still had over a quarter left in it. He told me to give her lots of water, and watch her condition. If she starts seizing and has muscle spasms, or profuse diarrhea and stops eating {Marlo would NEVER stop eating if she had anything to say about it, thus the non-edible object today} to bring her in for further treatment. 

Seriously, what dog eats hair dye? My dog. The tube must have been knocked to the floor at some point, where she saw it and thought "yummy!" 

Oh, and before you get all judgey, like "why would you keep half full tubes of hair dye lying around, you dummy?!" please remember that I am a HAIRSTYLIST and I often have hair color in the house, both full tubes and remnants. I have a whole cupboard full of hair supplies too, in case you were wondering. It's part of my job, like an electrician would have wiring and tools, or an IT tech would have spare computer parts. 

Before I came home to a colorful dog, I had been planning on writing about poop too, just not possible dog poop. I had actually wanted to write about the potty issues longer distance runners face, as well as some of the other not so glamorous aspects of running. That will have to wait for another day, when I feel up to talking poop with ya ;) 


  1. lol oh silly puppy. Also, I can't wait for your other poop post...you know I have potty issues lol

  2. Oh gosh, that's so scary! I've had to call the vet before like that. Mine has eaten both ant bait and a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies (that one was an expensive fix!).

  3. AH Marlo! You and Cruz really would be friends. air dye though, wow Marlo! :)

  4. Oh no! Why do they do things like that?? April actually gnawed away at the hard plastic of her food container, knocked it over to help herself, then started clawing her way into a case of wine!


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